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Cat Door Stops and Wedges

Updated on October 30, 2015

Useful and Decorative, Cat-Shaped Door Stops and Door Wedges

It seems appropriate to have a doorstop that's shaped like a cat. After a few hours of hearing your cat scratch and meow to go Out, In, Out, In, Out again, it's tempting to wedge his tail under the door just to get some peace and quiet... Just kidding!

There are plenty of cat-shaped doorstops and wedges around - and some are remarkably cat-like, too.

Seriously, it makes sense just to prop the door open a bit, and let your cat decide for himself where he wants to be... sometimes...

Doorstops and door wedges aren't just for the benefit of our cats, of course. In fine weather, it's lovely to be able to open the windows and let the fresh air breeze on through, without having your doors slamming shut. Enter the doorstop. And for cat lovers, that doorstop might as well be in the form of a handsome cat. Who knows, perhaps our Moggies can learn a thing or two about being useful as well as decorative, watching the cat-shaped weights and wedges? Nah, that's too much to hope for!

Image: Tabby Cat Doorstop via Amazon

Stuffed Cat Shaped Door Stops - Weighted Cat Softies to Hold the Door, Made in USA

Over 15 inches tall and silk-screened on both sides, these stuffed cotton Fiddler's Elbow cat doorstops are likely to give old Aunt Edna a turn if she comes down without her glasses to get her breakfast and spots one holding open (or closed) the garden-room door. They're awfully realistic, that's what I'm getting at here - it would be fun to see what your real live Puss thinks of his stuffed cotton colleague, sitting so silently by the door!

Fiddler's Elbow Long-Haired Tabby Doorstop
Fiddler's Elbow Long-Haired Tabby Doorstop
This one is a long-haired tabby but it reminds me a lot of my neighbor's Maine Coon Cat - what a beauty!
Fiddler's Elbow FE72 Orange Tabby Doorstop
Fiddler's Elbow FE72 Orange Tabby Doorstop
Just see the way this marmalade-orange tabby cat door stop is printed, with the curve of its stripes following the contour of Kitty's body as it would be in three dimensions - an extra touch of realism that makes you think it's a real cat when you catch a sudden glimpse of the door stop.

Mini Cat Weights / Door Stops - Made in USA

These adorable little bundles of stuffed cotton Cat Look-alikes are stuffed and weighted with plastic pellets, as you might expect. Small enough (at 6 x 4 x 2.7 inches) to work as a paperweight - which is how they're billed by Fiddlers Elbow, the silk-screening company in New York State that turns them out - but weighty enough (at just over 13 ounces) to keep the bathroom door from slamming shut in every errant draft when your Cat-And-Master is in there, trying to concentrate on his litter box business.

This one, curled up ready for a nap in the sun, is my favorite cloth kitten from this screenprinted series.

Black Cat Doorstop - American-Made by Fiddlers Elbow

Fiddlers Elbow Black Cat Door Stop
Fiddlers Elbow Black Cat Door Stop
Silk-screened on a cotton body, filled with poly, and weighted at the base with plastic pellets, this gorgeous black feline is a lifelike 11" x 6.5" x 4.5" - adorable! Made in the USA by Fiddlers Elbow, who have a wide range of cat-shaped door stops you'll want to adopt for your own home or as a gift for the cat lover in your life.

Cast Iron Cat Wedge Doorstops - Vintage Replica Cat Designs

This trio of heavy cast-metal cat-shaped doorstops with vintage style will look adorable at any doorway in your home, helping to help keep your door in place – open, closed, or partly ajar – in an errant breeze.

Abbott Cast Iron Cat Door Stopper
Abbott Cast Iron Cat Door Stopper
One of the popular vintage-inspired cast iron designs from Abbott, this little kitty stands 8 inches as he raises up on his hind legs to use his front paws to brace open your door. As with the traditional cast pieces, this doorstop is hollow, open at the bottom, so it's heavy enough to do its job but not too heavy to move around from one place to another in your home, as needed.
Cat & Mice Door Stop
Cat & Mice Door Stop
Here's an eye-catching door stopper with an extra appeal - it's a cat and mouse together! Solid cast iron with a bronzed finish rather than the usual black or patina, it measures 6.5 x 4 x 4 inches. This unusual cat-shaped door stop shows a great sense of humour - check out the cat's bemused expression, as he watches the brave little mouse climb up his tail! There's a wedge on the back of the cat-and-mouse figurine to help keep your door from moving, and padding on the bottom to protect your floor and keep it from slipping.

Unique Wooden Cat Door Stops - Hand Finished and Hand Painted

Keep your eyes open - sometimes you can find other feline designs of wooden folk art doorstops in the same style. Because each is hand-painted, each cat will be slightly different in details, so you can start a real cat doorstop collection.

Charming cat Design Doorstop - Ideal for Any cat Lover - Stands 10 inches - Design Black with Stripes
Charming cat Design Doorstop - Ideal for Any cat Lover - Stands 10 inches - Design Black with Stripes
Folk art cat for decoration or to put to work as a doorstop. The figure is approximately 10 inches tall, of hand finished wood.

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