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Chi Chi the Chihuahua

Updated on April 13, 2013

Chi Chi, the Cutest Stuffed Chihuahua

Chi Chi the Chihuahua to the rescue! Does your child want a chihuahua, but you cannot get one? Get her a Chi Chi the Chihuahua toy!

Chi Chi walks, barks and sits. She is so cute and cuddly! Everyone loves her!

Chi Chi the Chihuahua makes a great gift for Christmas or birthdays. This stuffed dog is loved by elderly people in nursing homes, where a real pet dog may not be welcome.

Many children and adults have satisfied their urge for a pet by playing with this toy dog. This cute stuffed toy is the next best thing to having a real chihuahua!

You will find many more delightful chihuahua-themed toys and gifts on this page as well! Scroll down for all the fun!

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Cute Chi Chi the Chihuahua

Chi Chi is a cute mechanical dog that children love! He barks, walks, and wiggles.

Chi-Chi Chihuahua
Chi-Chi Chihuahua

Click the photo for more information about this toy!


Chi Chi the Chihuahua Can Keep You Company at Work - See Chi Chi in Action

It might be inappropriate to keep a chihuahua at the office, but not if that chihuahua is Chi Chi!

Keep this stuffed toy on your desk to provide a little fun and humor to your workday!

Check this video to see how she might look on your desk.

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More Stuffed Chihuahuas

If you liked Chi Chi, maybe you will like these too!

Chuey Bamba the Singing Chihuahua

You will love this stuffed chihuahua that dances and plays the maracas while he sings "La Bamba"! He is quite the entertainer!

Mills Chuey Bamba Singing Chihuahua With Maracas
Mills Chuey Bamba Singing Chihuahua With Maracas

Chuey Bamba has elaborate mouth movement, and includes 3 AA batteries.


Grandmothers Love Chuey Bamba - See this little dog in action (along with this cute grandma)

These stuffed chihuahuas are popular with older people. Looking for a gift for your grandmother? Try Chuey Bamba! Don't believe me? Check this video!

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More Stuffed Chihuahuas

If you like Chi Chi the Chihuahua, you might also like these little toy dogs!

When it comes to stuffed chihuahuas, there are many cute toys to choose from. It is hard for me to pick my favorite! How about you?

Any of these friends would make a great Christmas gift for a child.

Webkinz Chihuahua
Webkinz Chihuahua

Webkinz stuffed animals come with a code that allows you to enter the Webkinz World website.

Douglas 12" Paco Chihuahua
Douglas 12" Paco Chihuahua

This chihuahua is slightly understuffed to make his body soft, floppy and extra cuddly.

Aurora Plush 12" Flopsie Chiquita Chihuahua
Aurora Plush 12" Flopsie Chiquita Chihuahua

This little fellow is stuffed with beans.

Fiesta Wild Animals Series 9.5'' Standing Chihuahua
Fiesta Wild Animals Series 9.5'' Standing Chihuahua

Stuffed chihuahua made with soft materials.


Chi Chi Chihuahua

Enjoy a perky tune called Chi Chi Chihuahua that comes as an MP3 file! Click here to listen to a sample of the song!

Chi Chi the Chihuahua on eBay

Find a chihuahua toy at eBay!

Sexy Zebra Bobblehead Chihuahua

When I was a child it was popular to put these bobbleheads on the front or rear dashboard of your car. Entertain your passengers with this cute bobblehead chihuahua named "Sexy"! She's ready for a night on the town, in her zebra-print outfit and make up.

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Which toy chihuahua is your favorite?

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Fun with Chihuahua Movies!

These cute and hilarious movies about a very spoiled chihuahua will fill anyone's day with laughter! They make a great gift for anyone who loves chihuahuas.

What do you think of Chi Chi Chihuahua? - Do you have a toy chihuahua? A real one? Which stuffed chihuahua is your favorite?

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    • profile image

      MaggiePowell 4 years ago

      My mother NEEDS one of these... and her birthday is coming!

    • Winter52 LM profile image

      Winter52 LM 5 years ago

      Loved grandma and her maracas... that was soooo cute! What a sweetheart!

    • MarcoG profile image

      Marc 5 years ago from Edinburgh

      Very cute lens x

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      I think this would be a good gift for someone who wanted to torment their cat. I can just imagine their reaction to Chi Chi's movements and barking.

    • profile image

      AngryBaker 5 years ago

      ohhhhh my mom needs chi chi