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Things to do with Kids : Childrens pirate party

Updated on January 20, 2011

fun and games for kids all ages

Holding a childrens pirate party can be a great way to celebrate a birthday for kids of all ages.  All kids love dressing up as pirates and you can hold an entertaining party with great games and activities at a mininal cost to yourself.  Some of the games can be adjusted so people of all ages can join in on the fun.

Fancy Dress

 Its easy for kids and adults to dress up as pirates with just stuff from around the home.  The classic scarf on the head and the eye patch.  Beads around the necks and mums costume jewellery can add great touchs.  For the more adventurous wooden swords are easily made by two pieces and wood crossed over.  Party supply shop often sell packs a cheap plastic eye patches and pirate hats.

Games to Play

 One of my kids favourite games to play was pin treasure chest on the map.  You just draw a big treasure island on some large card and have an black X that you can move around and the kids have to pin the treasure chest on the X. 

A pirate treasure hunt is easy to set up using chocalate coins hidden around places in the back yard.  You could even have written clues to lead to kids to each stash of treasure.

Apple bobbing in a barrel of water is a great activity for a hot summers day party.

Have Fun

 I hope some of these suggestions help you to set up a great kids party.  Kids love to dress and a pirate themed party is sure to be a winner.


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