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Children's Rocking Horse-Toys For Kids

Updated on July 8, 2022

Rocking Horse Toys

Children's rocking horse toys have been around for centuries and still loved by kids today. My grandchildren have each had a rocking horse. I watched as each child delighted in the thrill of riding their rocking horse. Kids develop coordination and exercise themselves and their horses as they played for hours. A rocking horse is a wonderful toy to give a child as a gift. A rocking horse can be made of wood, plastic, and plush in design and are loved my children. Each time I am looking for toys for kids I always consider getting a children's rocking horse toy and remember how much fun mine was when I was a child.

Back when I was a child I too had a horse. He was a red and white horse make of wood with a white plastic head. I can remember riding that horse with my cowgirl hat and rubber rain boot, I imagined I was riding in the old west and with the encouragement of my older brother. He also dressed in his hat, chaps, and six shooters. Those are some of the best memories from my childhood. I loved that horse I called Silver, just like the Lone Rangers. Every child should have a horse of their own even though may only be a rocking horse.

When I looked for these toys there were so many choices. I discovered that they came in different sizes designed for different age groups of children. The plastic style seems to be the easiest to keep sanitary and would be a good choice for a horse that is passed down to other children. If can be wipe with disinfectant to insure that germs are not passed from child to child. It is a good choice for daycare centers and school. Some families prefer the plush style and although they are not easily cleaned they can be wiped and dusted regularly to keep them clean. This is a good choice for a single child.

Rocking outdoors

Horse Toys For Fun

There are many choices and each one has it options kind of like choosing a car. I always loved the bouncy ones best. But it depends on the age of the child whether or not he will be able to climb on it by himself.

Most children really enjoy riding a rocking horse. It is probably of the best exercise a kid can get while indoors. Imagine the fun your child will have while exercising. With the huge variety of horses available their is one to fit into your budget.

Horse range from wooden, hand-carved, plush stuffed, and various plastic types. They are readily available at most department and discount stores as well as online. The sizes also vary to suit even the smallest child.

Rocking horses spark creativity. Children like to pretend play and rocking horse can inspire this type of play. Cowboys, rodeo, riding competitions and other types of imaginative play go hand in hand with riding a horse. Rocking horses are an excellent way for children to play independently. Parents often keep these toys in public places in the home. It is must easier to cook dinner or do laundry when your child can play independently.

Wooden Horse

How to build a rocking horse with norm

Rocking Horse VS Bouncy Horse

Which do you prefer a rocking horse or a bouncy horse?

Baby riding a rocking horse

Check out a rocking horse

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Children and Horses

As you can see from this video children enjoy independent exercise.

  1. Rocking horses aid in both fine motor skill and large muscle groups. Children need to develop the skills early to improve coordination.
  2. Riding a rocking horse builds self-esteem in children and improves self-concept. These are necessary for good personal development.
  3. Climbing onto a rocking horse, keeps kids busy and there is less chance for them to use furniture in your home for climbing.
  4. When a child is well exercised they can rest easier making bedtime easier for parents. It also improve the quality of sleep.


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