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The Draw Of Cigar Pens For Sale

Updated on July 1, 2011

The Draw Of Cigar Pens For Sale

Cigar pens for sale are a big draw because of their power, their size, and their overall look.

Cigar pens for sale are a different breed among handcrafted pens. They are built to have a quality that proudly declares their presence. A cigar pen makes a statement.

Handcrafted pens come in all types. The usual variety focuses on the slim form of traditional pens. This is an attractive form but only one possible design. Cigar pens go in a slightly different direction.

Cigar pens for sale are a somewhat rare commodity while their popularity is undeniable. The smallest changes from the traditional pen style changes these pens into something else. A cigar pen speaks volumes about the person using it.

Cigar Pens

The Impact of the Cigar Pen

Ordinary plastic pens are commonplace, thin, and can even appear flimsy.  The plastic material used in their construction is made to be sufficiently strong to function as a writing utensil but does not give the feeling of true strength.  They are merely adequate. 


On the other hand, the cigar pen just looks powerful.  Its thick, strong design gives the impression of strength.  This feeling of strength can carry over into your writing, and everyone benefits from communicating their thoughts and ideas with strength.

The Size of the Cigar Pen

The size of the cigar pen can be a bonus too.  Some people just enjoy the feel of a larger pen as they write.  Others have larger hands to which ordinary writing implements may be ill-suited.  Cigar pens are the answer.  Their larger size gives anyone the larger, sturdier pen that they seek and especially assists those whose larger hands deserve a larger pen. 

The Look of the Cigar Pen

Like other handcrafted pens, each cigar pen has its own appearance. The pen’s material and its crafting process make this aesthetic distinction prominent. The use of a variety of materials can create a myriad amount of appearances for handcrafted pens.

Even two such pens crafted from the same material can have completely different looks. This is the beauty of handcrafted pens.

Cigar pens for sale are a draw because of their power, their size, and their look. Their appeal goes beyond any one attribute to be a combination of all three. At the site featured in the blog below, you can purchase cigar pens and other hand turned pens.

This hub brought to you

by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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    • nlhouser profile image

      nlhouser 8 years ago from Central Nebraska

      Nice blog and unusual subject. They are very attractive.

    • bingskee profile image

      bingskee 8 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      i don't think i have seen those pens here in my country. they look nice.