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Borderlands ClapTrap Rescue Locations

Updated on April 6, 2011

CL4P-TP, Interplanetary Ninja Assassin

ClapTraps are hardcore...who knew?
ClapTraps are hardcore...who knew?


ClapTraps (also known as their 'proper' name CL4P-TP) are possibly some of the most important (and generally awesome) characters of the game. They may seem rather strange and annoying at first but after you see the overall effort put into each and every one, then your views may change. Throughout the story you will come across many different kinds of ClapTraps, with a few actually having their own personalities. My point being that the ClapTraps are a crucial part of the game, from the very first ClapTrap that gives you an ECHO device after you get off the bus, right up to the 'rogue' ClapTrap that only cares for itself and its master.

However despite their frequent appearance throughout the game, you will have to 'save' some of them just do help your own character. Also (depending on what format) to receive trophies and achievement. Most of the time when you rescue a ClapTrap, it will reward you with extra storage space, however sometimes that space is quickly filled as the ClapTraps will lead you to a chest with rare weapons inside.

For those of you lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it, there is a secret ClapTrap watching over Fyrestone. It does not react to you but it is highly unlikely that you will find a way to reach it.

Another unusual ClapTrap is the very first one you meet. After you destroy the Destroyer a cut scene will show where the ClapTrap from Fyrestone get blasted by some elemental beam and becomes CL4P-TP, Interplanetary Ninja Assassin.

To see ClapTrap's behind-the-scenes making of Borderlands, click here!

Starcraft 2 Terran

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Rescue Missions

This will be a simple guide so hopefully no need for much explanation! (Just follow the radar to find the repair kit).

1)Location: Sledge's Safe House

You will first hear it when you come into a room with a broken ceiling. To get to him you need to go up the rubble, through that area, and down into his location.

2)Location: The Lost Cave

Sitting about halfway through the cave. Impossibly hard to miss as it is right out in front of you.

3)Location: New Haven

In the Northern part of the town.

4)Location: Tetanus Warren

Near the first bandit camp that you find.

5)Location: Crazy Earl's Scrapyard

Head left at the fork in the road right after Earl's shack. Just hug the left wall. It will be under a shade.

6)Location: Krom's Canyon

Take the right path and you will find it inside a bandit camp. (*NOTE* This is easier to find if you are doing the Reaver mission as it is on the path to Reaver)

7)Location: Old Haven

When you enter the map, head to the right. It is in a garage in the junkyard.

8)Location: the Trash Coast

After you enter, travel forward until you reach a bandit camp. It is at the back of the camp.

9)Location: The Salt Flats

Around the North-East part of the mining area. It is behind one of the huts.

10)Location: Crimson Fastness

Look for the moving ClapTrap within the pile of 'dead' ones. It is blue and to the right after entering the map.

*BONUS* This ClapTrap requires you to have bought the Zombie Island expansion pack.

Location: Lumber Yard

When you enter the outskirts of the lumber yard, you will be attacked by some Were-Skags. If you look to your left you should see a large stack of logs, which some Were-Skags may jump from. The ClapTrap is behind the logs.


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    • profile image

      yo 7 years ago

      yes you can fight the Interplanetary ninja assasin in the Robolution addon

    • danmad1 profile image

      danmad1 8 years ago

      If you mean the ClapTrap in the picture at the top, then no you cannot see or fight it. However you do meet it before it turns into the ninja. Also, the 3rd playthrough doesn't exist it is sometimes mentioned as 2.5 as you cannot play the missions again but the enemies are harder to beat.

    • glenn wallace profile image

      glenn wallace 8 years ago

      Nice hub! I was curious, anyone know if it's able to see/fight the "ninja assasin" claptrap? Perhaps on the second or third playthrough?