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Cocktail-Opoly Monopoly Board Game

Updated on September 13, 2014

Looking for a fun party game? Want something super fun but not obscene? This is the perfect game for sophisticated adults that think they know everything about the bar scene & how to properly mix drinks. The quiz cards are enough to make your brain hurt & you find out things that you never needed to know about drinks!

This fun board game features the perfect mix of ingredients to serve up one spirited game night. It's a blend of a traditional property trading Monopoly game with some tasty twists, trivia & a fabulous theme. Cocktail-Opoly is the perfect gift for drink geeks that know everything.

The Cocktail-opoly game is sure to shake or stir things up at your next Adult game night. Pick your game piece...Stylish seltzer bottle, Charming little ice bucket, olive, cherry, lemon twist, or a classy martini glass, then you can buy your favorite cocktails, or collect ice cubes and trade them in for decanters. Sounds easy but you need to manage bar-tending school & all those outstanding bar tabs, it becomes a little more dicey....add in some actual liquor & the game hits a whole new dimension! Think you can pass the Cocktail Quiz cards? What's the term for a drink served at room temperature with no ice? No Idea? Better get studying to win this tricky game! Was your favorite part of the game watching someone go to jail? In this version they get sent to a Hangover!

As will all Monopoly games this is meant for 2-6 adult don't need cocktail games.

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