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Collecting things

Updated on March 12, 2016
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All my life, (71) I've been collecting odds and ends, starting with my tiny sewing machine. My new husband Bob collects too. Two bowerbirds!

25,100,000 people can't be wrong

I searched for the term 'collecting things' and that was how many pages were found. If I widened my search to 'collecting', the result was 68 million.

'Collectibles' gave a staggering 126 million pages!

So collecting things is a very popular hobby for many of us.

Collecting things is fun

Whenever you get out your collection, you have lots of fun remembering where the items were acquired.

Remember when we went to...?

Remember when I bought that...?

Funny items make you laugh.

Showing your collectibles to others is very enjoyable, especially if they start remembering when.

There's that great thrill when you find the very thing you've been searching for to complete your set.

You meet lots of like-minded people who share your passion for a certain thing.

Everywhere you go, you've got an instant topic of conversation — your collection of things.

Collecting things can be profitable

if you let it

Someone once said that I should have an antique shop.

My husband said that that wouldn't do, as I'd never sell anything.

If you start out collecting things for profit, then you must not become attached or it will be a loss not a profit that you make. Your children or their children will make the profit after you're dead.

Collecting things can be addictive

if you let it

I have heard it said that one item is trash, six items is a collection, 1000 items is a storage problem, while 10,000 is a disorder.

Make sure you have the room for the things you are collecting.

The pull-along at the top is about 3 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet. And it has a cousin or two...

Don't start collecting things!

Give me my rose and my glove.


They're suspecting things.

People will say we're in love!

— Rogers and Hammerstein

Words above are from "Oklahoma!"

A song which I always loved!


Collecting things for the kitchen

Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets.

My friends cll me the Gadget Queen of the West.

I have a gadget for all sorts of kitchen tasks, even some you didn't know needed a gadget.

My daughters searched for a year to find me a strawberry huller, because I didn't have one. There's some things here that you will have, or may recognise. There's a strawberry huller, a teapot spout strainer, an avocado peeler and slicer, a pickled onion grabber, a lettuce corer, an egg topper, an orange peeler, a cherry stoner, a tea bag squeezer, and a ?

Do you know what the large red item is?


Collecting things about me

since childhood

I have little bits and pieces I've kept since I was little.

My mother kept some of them for me.

  • a prayer book
  • some doll's furniture
  • my baby book
  • my school reports
  • book I got for my 2nd birthday
  • holy cards
  • First Communion certificate
  • newspaper articles about my scholastic achievements
  • my toy sewing machine


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