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Confrontation Characters Skills

Updated on April 9, 2012

Confrontation Characters

Confrontation Characters - Lanwys, Lothaine, Darius and Zelia
Confrontation Characters - Lanwys, Lothaine, Darius and Zelia

Confrontation Characters Skills

Confrontation is a computer rpg tactical hybrid game based on the role playing miniature war game of the same name. In Confrontation, the gamer plays the role of four griffon heroes who delve deep into enemy territory to defeat enemy forces and improve the war standing of the Griffons on Aarklash. The four heroes have attributes, classes and skills which determine their respective niches, either as a melee fighter, a healer support fighter, a rouge like character or a wizard. This will explain the classes and combat roles of the heroes in Confrontation and some of the skills they each possess.

Confrontation Darius Skills

Darius appears to be the leader of the squad in confrontation. Darius uses a sword as his primary weapon, and holds a rallying flag or a shield in this left hand. Darius has the following skills -

  • holy prayer – allows the user to generate life points
  • exaltation of soldiers – increase chance to hit for user and allies
  • frontal assault
  • divine protection
  • divine command
  • avenging arm – increases weapon attack

Confrontation Lanwys Skills

Lanwys is found by Darius early on in the first mission of the confrontation campaign. He can alternate between using a ranged weapon or a pair of swords. This rogue-like character has the following skills -

  • divine favor
  • Merin's Justice
  • skirmish – a dodge skill which also increases Lanwys' chances to hit the enemies
  • cleansing
  • revenge of the temple - increases ranged weapon (gun) attack

Confrontation Lothaine Skills

Lothaine and Zelia (see below) were revived by Darius and Lanwys following a vicious attack by some enemies. Lothaine is an inquisitor of the Griffon order with the following skills -

  • purifying fire
  • flaming weapon
  • quietude - silences the opposition
  • wave of Fervor
  • inquisition - prevents allies from falling under control of enemies

Lothaine may be used as a melee fighter type character with an ability to counter magic.

Confrontation Zelia Skills

Zelia is a wizard whose primary weapons of firebolts allow her to attack from the back of the party. In addition, Zelia has the following skills -

  • igneous cage
  • stun
  • source of fire
  • meteor – calls forth meteors to shower enemies on the ground and pelt them down
  • retribution

Confrontation Combining Characters Skills in Combat

Confrontation the computer game plays like a cross between Baldur's Gate and Spellforce. Combat is initiated by pointing the party to attack the enemies. Pause the game with the spacebar, and add in various characters skills to enhance damage and gameplay during combat. The character skills may be divided into damage, support, buff, anti-magic and control. For example, use Zelia's stun skill (control) to immobilize an enemy and then allow the four heroes to pound the enemy to submission.


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