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Toy Swords for Kids

Updated on June 26, 2013

Play Swords for Fun Sword Fights

If you have a little boy or girl who love to role play then find some fun toy swords to give them as a cool gift that will encourage more active times inside and outside!

Kids love to act as if they are something else, it's a fun time to learn and have fun too!

Cool Toy Swords for Make Believe Playtime! - Check out the top favorites below...

What kid wouldn't want to play sword fight? Girls and boys can both learn from fun imaginary games of knights, princesses or just pretend that they are in battle trying to defend their honor. Create a fun atmosphere that's conducive to role playing games by providing some fun toys that will encourage their imaginations to run wild.

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Soft Toy Swords - Soft and fun for playing!

How about a soft and very pliable play sword for a child? If you are worried about harder plastic swords then try a bendy foam sword for fun times that kids will enjoy.

More Fun Swords for Boys and Girls - Find some fun ones below..

Toy Sword with Armor Knight Suit

Nerf Play Swords - Top favorites...

A classic Nerf Sword will work pretty well to get kids excited to play the knight in shining armor or perhaps encourage him to be a swash buckling pirate that raids ships for treasures! Both boys and girls can enjoy setting up pretend fights and practice using their self defense skills against play attackers.

N-Force Vendetta Sword (Discontinued by manufacturer)
N-Force Vendetta Sword (Discontinued by manufacturer)

The Vendetta is a fun little sword that your child will have a good time wielding. It will make the perfect addition to her dragon slaying fun.


Knight Costume with Play Sword Accessories - Fun for role play

Don't forget the costume! Boys and girls will just adore playing dress up in a fun knight, captain or other costume.This one is a colorful knight ensemble that features a sword so your child can spend some time patrolling the grounds and defending the castle against invaders.

More Fun Costumes with Accessories for Kids

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      Wow! I didn't know there was so many different kinds of play swords!