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Coolest RC Toys on the Planet - Hobby Toys

Updated on August 17, 2013

Coolest Remote Control Toys and Hobby Toys

Remote control toys are very fascinating to me. In fact, most hobby toys can be interesting.The technology these days is incredible, and continually getting better. This lens is an ongoing collection of pictures, descriptions, facts, videos, and links to resources about remote control toys.

You will find many cool remote controlled things here, such as an Air Balloon Shark, a remote controlled forklift, some RC superheroes that made the news, a creepy zombie, and many more.

Have fun!

Remote Control Air Shark
Remote Control Air Shark

1. Air Shark

Remote Control Shark

The Air Swimmers - Air Shark is my personal favorite. Of course I do have a bias on this one, since I happen to own one of these. "Santa" brought this one to our house for Christmas this year. It does take 2 people, a bit of time and cursing to put it together, but the payoff is totally worth it!

It requires helium to fill it up, which you can either do at a party supply store, or get a disposable tank. I got my helium from Walmart for around 25 bucks, but you can also get helium from Amazon.

I discovered the air shark here

You can also get it from Amazon. The Air Swimmers brand also makes clown fish, bass fish, and angry birds versions.

Air Swimmers are controlled with a very simple remote control with 2 functions. The one on the left makes it go up and down, and the one on the right makes the back fin flap back and forth to go forward or turn.

My son's 7th birthday was held in a party room above a swimming pool after a pool party. I figured it would be a perfect time to bring out the remote control air shark while they were eating cake. I didn't know how the kids and parents would react. Would they enjoy it, or would I have a bunch of scared and crying children to console, and a room full of parents to apologize to? The video of this event can be seen below!:

Remote Control Air Shark at Birthday Party

Here is the video of the remote control air shark at the birthday party. I am the one controlling, and my wife is the one taking the video. It was an instant hit! Although, a couple of the adults didn't seem too amused I guess, oh well.

All the kids loved it and many of the adults reached for their camera phones! Afterwards, I let all the kids pass the controller around and take turns playing with it!


Amazon has helium for your air shark or for balloons or whatever!

Air Shark Info Video

Is it appropriate for adults to enjoy remote control toys?

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2. RC Superman - Hobby Toys #2

This is a custom made remote control Superman. It made the news!

Not sure if this is something you can buy anywhere. If you know, please comment and let me know. There also seems to be other superhero versions.

3. Remote Control Zombie - Hobby Toys #3

Remote Control Zombie
Remote Control Zombie

The remote control zombie is not really technologically advanced, but I still think it's a cool toy. I think you just turn it on and it does it's own thing while it groans. Not much controlling. The real fun would be buying a bunch of these and setting them all up at once as a zombie invasion.

You can find the Remote Control Zombie Here

Or of course you can find it at Amazon.

Remote Control Zombie Videos

Remote Control Zombie


Remote Control Forklift that really works!
Remote Control Forklift that really works!

4. Remote Control Forklift

Hobby Toys #4

What I love about the Remote Control Forklift, is the fact that there is no specific age demographic for this toy!

This would be fun to play with if you are a kid who dreams of one day being able to drive a forklift for real, or an adult to play around with on the desk at work. You can haul around memo pads and stacks of pencils and whatever else you can think of. It makes life in a tiny cubicle just slightly less stressful.

It also makes for a funny gift for someone you know who works in that type of an industrial field!

For more details about this RC Forklift and how to buy it and so on, you can Visit Here! The photos and descriptions of this thing are really detailed and hilarious!

RC Forklift Video. Awesome!!

5. Remote Control Hovercrafts - Hobby Toys #5

Remote Control Dinosaurs
Remote Control Dinosaurs

8. Remote Control Dinosaur

RC Wooden Toys - Hobby Toys #8

This is a series of wooden toys that are remote controlled. The best part is, you have to assemble them first. A great project idea for you and your kids.

These remote control dinosaurs come in several different "versions" including: Apatosaurus, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops.

They are put together relatively easily. No glue required, they just fit together like a puzzle.

You can use the remote control setting, or switch it over to a freestyle setting that makes the dino react to noises and light instead of the remote.

Find more information or how to purchase Remote Control Wooden Dinosaurs Here

Great Video of the Remote Control Wooden Dinosaur.

Remote control rat!
Remote control rat!

9. Remote Control Rat

Hobby Toys #9

The remote control rat rolls on wheels and is controlled with simple left and right buttons on the remote control device. Steer the rat where you want or make it spin around in circles. Operate quietly so you can sneak up on people and freak them out!

Find more information or how to purchase the Remote Control Rat Here

10. Remote Control Snake - RC Hobby Toy #10

Here are some different remote control snakes available from Amazon.

Remote Control Snake
Remote Control Snake

Remote Control Snake

Many different remote control snakes are available. This one is a simplistic controlled snake on wheels. Sneak up on your friends and freak them the heck out!!

Read more or get a Remote Control Snake Here


Just because this subject has been taking the news by storm, I feel obligated to put something about drones here. They are technically remote control! In most cases "iPod Control"!

These ones are just minor and basic, but they can get really complex and crazy!

What was your first ever remote control toy?

Comments - Remote Control Toys.

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    • gadgetman1 lm profile image

      gadgetman1 lm 

      5 years ago

      I like RC toys.

    • diegocomercio profile image


      5 years ago

      great lens kevin. i've been thinking to buy an rc plane.

    • donjohnsonis lm profile image

      donjohnsonis lm 

      5 years ago

      Love you site and RC toys. Thanks for liking mys lens

    • takkhisa profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens! My first ever remote control toy was boat :)


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