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Cowboy And Indian Toys

Updated on March 27, 2013

Toys That Kids Will Play With For A Long Time To Come

There are some toys that will be played with for a few time then get tossed aside, but Cowboy Indian Toys are not one of them. Kids have been playing cowboys and Indians for ages and will continue to do so. I know that my parents and my grandparents played the game as they was kids, I played a similar game and I find my kids playing an almost identical game in the backyard from time to time.

When looking for Cowboy Indian toys you have many options. You can choose the classic cheap cowboy and Indian play sets, more detailed updated figures and my favorite even cowboy Indian costumes.

I know that we has some plastic toy figurines of indians and cowboys but I think my favorite was getting dressed up and playing by my horses pin. It made me and my cousins that I played with feel like real cowboys and indians.

Vintage Indian Toy on Horse
Vintage Indian Toy on Horse

Some Toys Will Last a Lifetime or Two

Other Toys Will Be in The Trash In A Few Days

The cowboy and Indian toys have been around so long that even my grandpa that grew up during a hard time had cowboy and Indian toys. Which is something that they can talk with their great grandparents with.

My grandparents keep just a few toys in a basket in the spare room for kids when they come to visit. In it is a few cars and of coarse an old set of cowboy and Indian toys that have probably seen through more then a few generations of the family. My grandpa even sits down with the kids at the table to play with the boys and tells them stories of his day.

Cowboys and Indians Toy Soldiers

Large Lot Of Plastic Cowboy and Indian Toys

Hunson Indians Cowboys Western Figures Plastic Toys (130+)
Hunson Indians Cowboys Western Figures Plastic Toys (130+)

You can sometimes find these cowboy Indian toys in small packs at the general story, but what fun it is for a kid to have a big bucket of them to play with.


Vintage Cowboy Indian Toys on eBay

My favorite vintage cowboy Indian toy is a large Indian figure with a tomahawk in hand with a big red feather in his hat paired with his painted horse, looking like they are ready to go into battle. There is also a handsome cowboy sheriff that matches the set that comes with a detachable horse and a sheriffs badge.

Indian Scene Made Up Of Things Around The House
Indian Scene Made Up Of Things Around The House

Indian and Cowboy Scene Made Up Of Things Around The House

As a mom I know that just because they want the most expensive newest toys that does not mean that they will have any less fun with what they have at home by just adding a few things to it.

Blogger Sarah from shares a post about making your own cowboy and Indian theme action scene from things around the house. As I was reading this I literately was thinking, how simple is this and why did I not think about that.

No need to buy cool props for the tiny plastic figures it is very easy to make your own with use of paper bags, markers, a few small rocks and some sticks. Read Sarah's post here.

Best Selling Plastic Cowboy Indian Toys

The small plastic cowboy and Indian toy figures is probably one of the oldest toy figures. Toys do not have to be high detailed or come with batteries to keep a kids attention. Some of the most simplest toys will be the most valued and memorable.

Cowboys & Indians Figure Playset (108pcs/Tub) 1-32 by Unknown
Cowboys & Indians Figure Playset (108pcs/Tub) 1-32 by Unknown

Large set of cowboy and Indian figures in large round container, includes horses and other common props.


Kid Dressing Up As Cowboy

Kid Dressing Up As Cowboy
Kid Dressing Up As Cowboy

Cowboy Indian Costumes

The most used toy in a toy box for a boy is usually something to do with a cowboy when they are young. The dream of guns at your side, wearing a cowboy hat on top of a horse is a big dream for a young boy. Add Indians and costumes to the play and you have fun game of Cowboys and Indians.

Cowboy and Indian Play Toy Sets

This is my favorite cowboy and indian play costume set because it also includes a Peter-Pan costume

The Horses Are Important

In fact I would be willing to bet that the horses is just as important or more important then the Indian and cowboy figures themselves. The great thing about horses is that they can easily be imagined and if they do have a horse toy it is used for about anything.

My boys have two horses that they play with the most a hard plastic vintage horse toy that was pick up from a yard sale years ago and a stick horse that has gone through each boy.

Don't Forget The Stick Horse

One of the most memorable Christmases with my boys where young was when "Santa" brought all three boys Stick Horses. Each one of them was different and had their own personality.

One of the horses talked and the white one made horse sounds. Probably the most favored was the spotted one that had a voice box for the horse and a string sound of cowboy voices.

How To Play Cowboy and Indian Dodge Ball

A favorite in school gyms and youth groups, cowboy and Indian dodge ball is fun to play with a medium to large group of people. The youtube vidio below give great instructions on how to play the game and teach the game to kids.

Playing Cowboy and Indians

Did you play cowboy and indians as kids?

See results

Cowboy and Indians Movie Trailer

Orginal Cowboys and Indians Song

Tell Me About Your Stories Playing Cowboy and Indians as Kids?

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      4 years ago

      Theresa Chadderdon - Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really can't dcdeie which is my favorite .but if I had to choose it would be the first one I love your dress, the flowers and the candles in the trees! Although, I do love the picture with the vinyl record player! The last picture is another favorite too I love that it shows your laugh and beautiful smile! Wayne looks amazing too! I LOVE THEM ALL! Well done to Angelique, Wayne & Stephanie!


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