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Folkmanis Coyote Puppet: Meet Silas

Updated on October 22, 2013

This fuzzy guy is known as Silas in our puppet ministry. Folkmanis didn't actually give him that name, but they sure did make a great puppet! In fact, their puppets are fantastic!

We first met "Silas" at the Death Valley visitor's center several years ago. You'll notice the Folkmanis wildlife puppets at many visitors' centers in national parks. I've seen them in California and Arizona, and I love finding new puppets when I travel through such spots. My hubby loves puppets, too, and while I didn't have the cash when we went to Death Valley, I found this guy online in time for hubby's birthday that year. We have since added more Folkmanis characters to our puppet bag, but this one is a prize!

It wasn't long after we picked up Silas that we began doing a monthly puppet lesson for Sunday school students at our church. Silas was dubbed during one of those puppet programs, and that's the name that stuck. My oldest daughter usually takes the role, but in recent months, we've had some of the kids in the upper grades join the fun by taking the role and reading the lines. Silas likes to partner with our hare puppet, dubbed "Bobby" In fact, we had a rather fun program last Sunday that involved Bobby and Silas expressing how they were dealing with being worried. Silas was worried that he couldn't get a thorn out of his paw while Bobby was worried that he would be Silas' dinner.

The Folkmanis Coyote measures 11" Long x 8" Wide x 15" Tall. He is as soft as a stuffed animal, perfect as a gift for a child or for an avid puppeteer. You'll also find that there are many more Southwest critters available from the puppet company, along with finger puppets that can be a lot of fun for small children.

If you need a few puppets to go with a stage for the kids' Christmas or birthday, or if you just want a couple for decorative and play needs, you'll enjoy browsing Amazon to discover the Folkmanis options. Our pastor has quite a few of these animal puppets as well, and the kids are captivated when he does his puppet programs. There are many more on my wish list, but we only have so much room in the puppet bag!

Jack Rabbit Puppet
Jack Rabbit Puppet

This is our Hare puppet, Bobby. He is also a soft critter, 18 x 10 x 4 inches in measure. He's realistic in look as are most of the Folkmanis critters.

Folkmanis Mini Spotted Owl Finger Puppet
Folkmanis Mini Spotted Owl Finger Puppet

Finger puppets from Folkmanis are great for youngsters, and we have this one in our collection. I picked him up on a second trip through Death Valley. We often clip our small puppets and stuffed animals to the top of our stage to keep young children entertained at the start of Sunday school.

Finger puppets from the Folkmanis line are super affordable, making them great as unique stocking stuffers. If you are thinking about getting a kids' puppet stage for a birthday or Christmas, these are excellent and affordable for providing your child with a puppet collection that will be loved!

Folkmanis Tarantula Hand Puppet, Small
Folkmanis Tarantula Hand Puppet, Small

We haven't named our owl or our tarantula, but we love this fuzzy and colorful critter. I also picked this one up in Death Valley, and as with the owl puppet, he was an affordable and interesting addition to our puppet bag. My puppet bag is starting to be overly full, and I'll be hunting for a larger bag in the near future. If you amass a few of these characters for a child, consider a bin or bag to keep the puppets together.


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