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Cribbage Board Replacement Pegs

Updated on June 21, 2014

Cribbage Board Replacement Pegs

As a vintage cribbage board collector I probably get far too happy when I find that my latest addition is complete with the original cribbage board pegs. I actually smile a little whenever I open up the peg compartment and find six unbroken pegs. Although original is best, I will on occasion find that someone has already replaced the pegs. That's okay too. Sometime it just needs to be done.

If you have an old (or new) cribbage board lying around that you have been meaning to pull out on game night, but just haven't not done so because it was missing the pegs. You may be happy to know that several companies currently manufacture and sell replacement cribbage pegs. Some of the more popular ones are listed below

Some of the replacement pegs are very creative in design. No need to worry though. If you are in the market for the traditional style pegs they are still available and quite affordable. Wishing you a "29" score in the near future and to hoping you will find the cribbage board replacement pegs you have been looking for.

What Are The Measurements of A Cribbage Peg ?

The typical cribbage board peg is sized to fit nicely into a 1/8" diameter hole. If you are going to fashion your own cribbage pegs it is still a good idea to take the time to measure the size of the holes on your board. Most pegs run around 1-1/8"tall and are tapered to fit smoothly in and out of the hole.

Larger boards may take an 1-1/2" to an 1- 5/8" tall peg with a taper aimed to fit a 3/16" hole. You may even come across a very large cribbage board that uses a 3/8" hole. Pegs for that are usually around 2- 1/2" tall.

With the right know how cribbage pegs can be made from virtually any material: Wood, aluminum, plastic, metal, gold silver, glass, stone, or even precious gems. When making your own cribbage pegs plan for three pegs per track and you will generally not be wrong... two for pegging (keeping score) and the other for keeping track of the number of games won. More sophisticated cribbage boards might use extra pegs for scoring skunks, turns and various other stats of the game or tournament.

Do I really Even Need Cribbage Pegs?

In cribbage as in many other games there is an identifiable scoring method. In darts we use a chalkboard, in billiards it's a string of scoring beads, and in golf it's a pre-printed score card.

In every case you can keep score simply by jotting down the numbers. You don't always need a scoreboard and in a pinch pen and paper will work, however cribbage just like the games mentioned above would seem a little hollow if we didn't use the traditional scoring method; "The Scoreboard"

The cribbage board itself is secondary to the game of cribbage and it may even be unnecessary, but it's certain that the advent of the cribbage board has helped to propel the popularity of the game through the centuries. So, yes you can play cribbage without a cribbage board and pegs, but would it really feel like cribbage?

If you have lost your pegs and cannot find replacements immediately, you can always use matchsticks, or something similarly shaped to get by.


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