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Crowding Out: Guild Ball Guild Identities Alchemists

Updated on September 12, 2017

First Things First

Firstly I want to say thank you to everyone who read and gave feedback on my first post. I really appreciate it and I got a much bigger response from the community than I expected. The results of the poll were that you all wanted to see Guild Match-Up Analysis. I want to wait and see where all of the GICs wind up before I do this as they could have a huge impact (if they even make it into a required portion of the game that is.)

Second I want to do a give away. I think they are fun and there aren't enough of them in the community. I am going to split this into several posts to keep from getting monotonous -- one article a day until I run out of Guilds. The first 20 people to comment their Steamforged forum name in the comment section below ON EACH ARTICLE will be entered for a Mystery Drawing! I will leave it open for entry until Sunday 9/24 and announce the winner on Monday 9/25. I'll contact the winner via direct message on the Steamforged forum. *You can enter once per article. One forum name per person. Please keep this fun and fair. Continental US only on this go around.

Alchemists: Lead to Gold

Lead to Gold

Lead to Gold is pretty spectacular. I don't know how everyone else feels but this card is probably TOO good. What I mean is when it is good it is amazing. The only justification I could see for not reigning it in some would be that it doesn't have a ton of amazing match ups, especially with Heal Rate (HR) 2. I would imagine it will get dialed back at some point. Lead to Gold effectively puts a timer on the other team by forcing them to bring the game to the alchemists or surrender points for it. Taking out Alchemists players that throw AOE's becomes an absolute priority. A lot of games only go 3 rounds but several will make it into round 4 and a few are going to make it to round 5. Conservatively this puts the Alchs at only having to score 9 points to win a game. Games going 4 rounds are going to be a boon to the alchs since 8 points is a flexible benchmark.

A smoke team will benefit the most from Lead to Gold. You are getting rewarded for what you are going to do anyway. That isn't to say that Midas won't have an easy time putting these points on the board. I also expect Mercury and Harry the Hat to crop up a lot in lists utilizing Lead to Gold with the movement penalty that burning applies. Several people have commented that Veteran Katalyst doesn't care for this card but I would suggest the opposite. Vet Kat with Lead to Gold hangs back for his one take out and the rest of the team either hammers the ball for a goal. I don't know if I'd even bring Kat back into the game after his take out if the board state didn't lend itself for another takeout as he walks back onto the pitch.

I would take this into: Brewers, Masons, Seasoned Brisket Union, and Shark Fishermen. Teams you can out speed, teams you can outlast, teams that struggle once you kill the ball.

I would avoid this into: Fillet Butchers, Theron Hunters, Engineers, Veteran Rage Union, Thresher Farmers, and Blacksmiths. These teams are going to bring the pain. High momentous damage output is going to sink this ship pretty quick. Hunters and Engineers also have some solid ranged plays that, while they don't do tons of damage, will do more than chip damage to an HR2 team.

Alchemists: Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance is pretty good. Not amazing but not garbage either. I think this is a pretty safe pick for most games. HR4 being over the average now means you are going to be ahead of the curve. -1 condition damage is pretty bland for the most part. Great for mirror matches and both iterations of Katalyst are fans since original effectively gets to ignore burning altogether and Veteran gets to keep his healing where he likes it. HR4 is really the selling point though.

I really don't have as much to say about this card. It is solid for healing purposes but not for much more than that. I think it is in a great place and when you are playing list chicken with the other team it would be hard to take this and be at any kind of severe disadvantage. Crucible is really the only exception to the Katalysts that LOVES this card since she wants to have conditions on her too. This is the vanilla.

I would take this into: Alchemists, Butchers, Corsair Fishermen, Morticians, Blackheart/Rage Union, and teams you think are going to out damage you by a good margin. Seems obvious but the card that gives the most healing is the card you probably want into the teams that do the most damage to you.

I'd avoid taking this into: Low defense teams. The card performs the same but feels weak compared to the other two options when fighting against teams with a lot of DEF 3 on the board.

Alchemists: Watch the World Burn

Watch the World Burn

While Chemical Resistance is probably the safest I imagine watch the world Burn is going to rival it in popularity. Smoke is hot right now. Midas getting a kick in the Guild Balls with the most recent errata leaves her very popular and this card takes what the Alchs love doing and crank it up. While they are far from unplayable I generally feel as though we will see less Veteran Katalyst and even less Flask with this card in play. It offers no bonus VPs to compensate Kat and with your conditions now gaining additional value intensify is going to be harder to pull off.

The obvious implication is that you really want to stack conditions. Duh. But what this card also helps with is winning the momentum race. In a world where healing has become less effective bonus damage from conditions means your opponent more than likely wants to clear off conditions rather than spin their wheels healing, especially on teams that take HR2 Identities. Smoke is going to be amazing at the beginning of a turn after conditions have been stacked and also excellent at the end of a turn when you lead the momentum race if you still have her Legendary in tact.

I would take this into: Farmers, Blacksmiths, Brewers, Masons, and teams you think are going to bring out tough hide en masse. Teams with low DEF are not going to be a fan of Watch the World Burn with the efficiency of character plays. You may not get as many take outs as you'd hope for at first glance but keeping your opponent playing defensively keeps him from playing your game.

I'd avoid this into: Fishermen, Alchemists, Butchers, Vet Rage, and Engineers. These teams for whatever reason don't really get much from healing right now anyway so clearing conditions is going to be where they are spending a good chunk of their momentum anyway. Fish are harder to hit, Alchemists are going to take Chemical resistance and get extra heal, Butchers win the momentum race and don't get anything for healing worth considering right now, Vet Rage is going to delete people so quick he won't care about momentum, and Engineers are going to cancel a lot of this damage out with We Can Rebuild Them and I wouldn't be surprised if they choose to just tank the damage.


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    • profile image


      15 months ago

      Pretty much agree with your analysis of these cards. Nice!

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      Nice take, I think the Alchs got one of the best batches.

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      Awesome blog, mate. Looking forward to the next!

    • profile image 

      15 months ago

      Its interesting how there adding more things to change up the game.

    • profile image

      Alex Broussard 

      15 months ago


      Thank you for writing good content! I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to write an article for the community.


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