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Guild Ball Guild Identities: Brewers

Updated on September 14, 2017

Chug-a-lugging along

So I missed a day there but uh... well I wasn't feeling awesome and didn't get much done; sue me. Haha anyway I drew the first round bye for my Big League so I should have plenty of time this weekend for articles. Today is Brewer time. These guys almost unanimously got the best lot in this first round.

Don't forget to comment your SteamForged forum name to be entered for the Mystery Drawing which will conclude shortly after the Union Article.

Also if anyone who reads this happens to be into graphic design I am wanting to move away from the use of a trademarked image but keep something similar. Nothing too complicated or over produced. You can reach me with the contact author option next to the current Crowding Out! logo up top.

Brewers: Another Round!

Another Round of Awesome!

The king is here! Man another round feels like the piece of the puzzle the Brewers have been missing all along. A free Heroic Play a turn means that on that Tapper team you are running you now have that much more range and utility for Old Jake's. This is the no-brainer superstar play. On an Esters team this Identity still shines on Hooper, Spigot, and Veteran Spigot.

Situationally there are instances where other players might get a bone but Tapper runs the show with his goon squad. HR4 is probably even a little strong. I would not be surprised if this card gets a tweak in the very near future, like the soonest update to cards.

I would play this into: I mean pretty much everything. There isn't a bad pick with this. It is a straight buff with no downside and no healing weakness.

I would avoid this into: Fishermen, Butchers, Farmers. Avoiding these teams with this Identity I can only really recommend because of your other options. Even if you did select this one it isn't like you are going to be hard pressed in any way.

Brewers: Bring It On!

Bring it on to bring them down

Bring it on is an awesome pick if you think you are going to get out swung. 2" melee zones galore means you are probably committing to a murdery game from the gate but I mean what else was anyone expecting? You are already going to be ganging up anyway so you aren't even really having to work around this.

Your opponent obviously knows what you are trying to do and you can expect them to slow down your already slow units to keep you from getting this. The greatest counter is Friday and Scum. Smash down on your opponent with Spigot, Tapper, Hooper or whoever you feel like. A tooled up Friday charge where you already have one model engaging the target plus Scum with get over here means you are rolling no less than 10 dice with the option to bonus time. 11 Dice on your tooled up Friday leaves you with a 72% chance to get off 6 damage on a DEF4 ARM1 model which is farm from shabby. She feels like a shoe in when you are bringing Bring it On!

On top of all of that you get HR5. I mean slippery teams might not be the best team to bring this into but it certainly has it's advantages into teams that wanna brawl.

I would bring this into: Butchers, Farmers, and Blacksmiths. Butchers' plethora of 1" melee means you aren't going to get penalized for clumping if you use your 2" melee zones. Farmers wanna brawl and are easy enough to hit (low DEF and defensive tech) that your charges are going to land hard. Blacksmiths are going to play close to each other anyway so you should be able to ping pong from master to apprentice and your numerous pushes should help keep Sentinel from becoming an issue. HR5 is also killer with any of these match ups.

I'd avoid this into: Alchemists, Engineers, Union, and Fish. These teams wanna ball and with HR5 they are going to feel like chip damage (with the obvious exception of Union damage.) Alchs and Engineers are going to spread out more and the speed disadvantage is going to be unkind. The sheer utility of Union make me feel like Another Round! is the better choice since it is more versatile and since they have a fair amount of tools to disengage. Fishermen with Hag on the Roster will absolutely laugh in the face of Bring it On!

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is pretty one dimensional. Both teams need 5's to make a goal. This will turn a game into a slog in a hurry but that certainly helps Brewers out with some of their less favorable matchups. One thing worth noting is that this doesn't stack in a mirror match so even if both Brewers teams bring Happy Hour all shots are just TN+1.

I think turtling is almost a fairly reasonable game plan with Happy Hour. If for some reason you decide to bring Esters a turtled team hanging back where they can boot missed shots away. Turtling with Esters, Mash, Pint Pot, and Quaff means there are a lot of intervening models on a goal shot. Even if you take Tapper hanging back means your players get back into the game faster and can stand in the way of a shot.

I'd take this into: Fishermen, Alchemists, Engineers, and maybe Butchers. I think it is fairly obvious that why you are taking this into the first 3. You can outlast Fish and Engineers pretty easily. Corsair isn't a ton of fun but it makes him one dimensional. Engineers have good tech but if you take away the option for easier goals I think a Tapper goon squad should win most games with the Gears if it comes down to a brawl. There are better options for Butchers but the team can play the ball when they need to and forcing them to only brawl in your backfield means your superior healing, gang ups, and access to tough hide should give you a solid chance to win the day.


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    • profile image

      Alex Broussard 6 months ago


      I think these GICs will put the Brewers in a strong place competitively.

    • profile image

      Nykolae 6 months ago

      Solid work! I agree with most of your arguments. Don't think I'd bring Happy Hour into Butchers though ;)

    • profile image

      kryzak 6 months ago

      it's good to be brewers right now!