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Crysis 3 Get to the Park

Updated on March 4, 2013

Crysis 3 Get to the Park and Skinning Lab

Crysis 3 Defeat the Ceph and Get to the Park and Skinning Lab
Crysis 3 Defeat the Ceph and Get to the Park and Skinning Lab

Crysis 3 Chapter 4 Safeties Off

In Crysis 3, the hero must avoid the spotlights and get to the park. This is the first part of Chapter 4 Safeties Off. Then Prophet must defeat the cephs and get to the ceph mindcarrier. With the release of the alpha ceph, the team of Claire, Prophet and Psycho know that they must reach the CELL skinning lab and remove the dopamine inhibitors in Prophet’s brain. Only then can he get into the cephs’ collective thoughts and decipher what they are up to. This will guide Prophet on how to get to the park and then defeat the ceph scorchers and finally get to the skinning lab.

Crysis 3 Avoid the Spotlights and Get to the Park

After the start of chapter 4, Prophet should cloak and avoid the spotlights. This part is easy; just follow the primary objective marker. Eliminating some of the CELL guards here silently will help. But trying to find a way to the park is difficult. When the hero is close to the primary objective marker, he must find the zipline that will lead him to the other building and from there to the park. The key here is to get to the broken fence where there are land mines around it. The zipline does not lie beyond the fence. It lies somewhere in the upper floors of the first building. So watch and observe how to get there.

Note that if the hero wants to get to the secondary objective, switch on the visor and follow the marker on the visor until the hero reaches the required Ironside intel. However, the intel is so damaged at this point that Prophet cannot tell who tortured Psycho in the skinning lab.

Crysis 3 Defeat the Cephs and Get to the Ceph Mindcarrier

Remember to look for ammo at strategic locations in this mission, as the cephs emerge from hibernation following the release of the alpha ceph. The first ceph to appear is the ceph mindcarrier. Next, more stalker cephs appear. Use the sniper rifle to defeat them and use headshots to prevent their exoskeleton from disintegrating. Then grab the ceph pinch rifle from the bodies of the ceph and use them against their own kind.

Once the cephs are gone, head towards the ceph mindcarrier.

Crysis 3 Defeat the Ceph Scorchers and Get to the Skinning Lab

Once past the ceph mindcarrier, Prophet will witness several CELL guards burning to death. And then the first ceph scorcher appears. The hero may have some trouble trying to defeat the first ceph scorcher. The ceph scorcher can be blown to bits using grenades, but it may be better to stun the scorcher and then defeat it without destroying the exoskeleton. In this case, the hero can get their weapon – the incinerator. Now return the favor and set fire on the ceph scorcher using the incinerator.

There will be several ceph scorchers after the first one. Defeat them all. Prophet may want to complete the secondary objective and hack into the robotic ceph. With all the ceph scorchers gone, return to finding the skinning lab.

Eventually, Psycho and Prophet will find it. Remember to find the nanosuit upgrade inside and then attach Prophet to the skinning machine. Remove the dopamine inhibitors and get ready for the next mission ……. without Psycho, as he discovers his tormentor from intel downloaded in the skinning lab.


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