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Crysis 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Level Up Guide

Updated on March 7, 2013

Crysis 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Guide

Crysis 3 Nanosuit Unlock Modules and Level Up
Crysis 3 Nanosuit Unlock Modules and Level Up

Crysis 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Level Up Guide

In Crysis 3, Prophet can upgrade his nanosuit by finding modules and then unlocking the various upgrades on his nanosuit. In this way, the hero can level up his nanosuit and become more powerful. This will provide a simple guide on the list of upgrades available on the nanosuit and how Prophet can level up and piece together certain parts of the nanosuit to produce packages and increase the prowess of the nanosuit.

Prophet’s nanosuit is governed by the following attributes:

  • Power
  • Stealth
  • Armor
  • Speed
  • System

Obviously the idea is to get all five attributes as high as possible.

Crysis 3 Upgrades and Packages

This is a list of the nanosuit upgrades –

  • Energy upgrade – provides more EMP protection, faster energy recharge and less HUD interference.
  • Assassin – allows for faster stealth kills and full cloak during stealth kills.
  • Super Stealth – allows for faster cloaking, increased scanner resistance and highlights enemy footprints.
  • First Aid – allows for faster health regeneration and critical health boost.
  • Reflex Boost – provides for faster weapon reloads, faster aim and faster weapon select.
  • Brute force – allows for power kick and air stomp – a smash attack from mid-air.
  • Verticality – faster ledge grabs, requires less energy for power jumps and aiming is possible for power jumps.
  • Extended Cloak – allows for longer cloak time and unlocks silent walking.
  • Light Armor – provides faster armor movement, extra melee protection and less armor protection.
  • Sensor Upgrade – allows for radar / zoom upgrade, unlocks hack assistance and enemy sound boost.
  • Heavy Armor – allows for stronger armor and less fall and burn damage, but Prophet moves slower.
  • Weapon Handling – allows for faster semi-automatic fire and unlocks weapon stabilization.
  • Threat Detector – shows enemy tracer fire and highlights hazards and explosives.
  • Deflection – allows bullet impact dampening and faster knock-back recovery.
  • Super Strength – allows for stronger throwing and unlocks more powerful melee attacks.
  • Endurance – allows for longer sprinting time and unlocks hydro thrusters for faster underwater speed.

Note that these upgrades are primary upgrades. For maximum upgrades, the hero needs to achieve certain criteria or conditions for each power. For example, heavy armor needs 150000 damage absorption.

Prophet can level up the nanosuit and then group four upgrades into one package. Store the package and activate the package to release a certain set of powers. For example, one package could allow the hero to have super stealth, energy upgrade, extended cloak and assassin to produce the ultimate stealth warrior which will sneak out and defeat the enemies without anyone knowing.


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