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Best Radio Controlled Toy Vehicle!

Updated on September 14, 2015

Best Radio Controlled Toy Vehicle!

The Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle has become one of the most popular rc toys among a wide variety of buyers and continues to please both young and old alike. It operates in just about every terrain and does so in all four seasons.

The most outstanding feature is its ability to overcome difficult conditions and continue on its path when most RCs stop in their tracks. It is a durable product and has satisfied many with its high speed twists and turns.

This lens is intended to highlight those features and other characteristics that might be of interest to you. In addition, we have expanded the coverage to include other remote control (RC) toys to compliment the Cyclaws collection.

A better price available on select options from Amazon..

Cyclaws RC Vehicle Features

Summary Characteristics

The Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle has a number of features that will bring you and your child satisfying and fun filled experiences. They are listed here for your convenience.

  • Developed to act like a fast racer with monster wheels that dynamically converts into claws.
  • The RC vehicle has a variety of actions and is wide open to experimentation.
  • The body of the vehicle has a futuristic design styling.
  • The vehicle is easy to configure and simple to operate with the supplied remote control.
  • Robot shows up in driver seat when the undercarriage turns over.
  • Rechargeable nickel hydrogen 9.6V is included while a 9V transmitter battery is not.
  • The vehicle follows a series of gyrations and quirky motions that display themselves as tricks that are fun to watch.
  • Design of the vehicle wheels makes it possible to operate on diverse terrains.
  • Claws open or close for each tire because of the locking system that allows you to control their position while driving.
  • When the vehicle bumps into objects the wheels will automatically switch from regular to a claw-like mode. This switching can also be done manually or via remote control.

Video Review - Check Out The RC In Action!

Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle Reviews

Customer Summary Reviews

There are 66 customer reviews on the Amazon site with 34 being 5 stars and 24 at the 4 star level. The cyclaws vehicle has a very good favorable rating.

Most of the buyers who commented were very pleased with the vehicle and found a lot of fun using it. The main objection seemed to be the desire for a longer battery life.

Here is a summary of what Amazon buyers had to say about the Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle:

  • Although many acknowledged they would like a longer battery life, just as many said they had a good play time on a single charge. Some suggested that a second battery could extend play time.
  • Some reviewers found enjoyment watching the somewhat unpredictable responses the toy made with small obstacles in its path.
  • The majority of consumers were very pleased with the fact that the vehicle ran well outdoors in most kinds of rough ground conditions. Country buyers found the toy ideal for use in their normal outdoor environment.
  • Those that operated the RC indoors also enjoyed the crazy whirlwind action of the RC negotiating twists and turns.
  • A large number of reviewers found the vehicle to have lots of power and maintained its durable composition.
  • A few expressed their glee with the fact that the radio controlled vehicle was not complicated as was the case with previous purchases.
  • Almost everyone agreed that you should not buy two RC vehicles at the same time because they operate on the same frequency and two users could not use them simultaneously.

In all 66 reviews the customers seemed to unanimously agree that the positive aspects of the Cyclaws Remote Control Vehicle outweighed the negative ones and that this item was the best RC purchase.

An RC Tank Car Complements Cyclaws. - Here Is A Vehicle Operated From Your iPhone.

Thіѕ RC іѕ easily operated bу уоur iPad, iPhone оr iPod. It hаѕ а built іn microphone thаt transmits sound bасk tо уоur device іn real time. Thе camera іѕ manually adjustable аnd streams live video іn addition tо thе ability tо tаkе ѕtіll photos. It аlѕо hаѕ Night vision аnd uѕеѕ undetectable infrared light thаt lеtѕ уоu ѕее items іn thе dark. It generates іtѕ оwn wireless connection fоr whаtеvеr device уоu аrе using. Itѕ wireless range travels uр tо 200 feet unobstructed wile іt explores uр tо 100 feet аrоund walls іntо оthеr rooms. Yоu саn Uѕе thе оn screen driving-arrow controls tо steer уоur vehicle.

Cyclaws RC Toy Comments. - Let Us Know What You Think!

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