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Dark Get to Vlad In Geoforge Hunting Ground

Updated on July 11, 2013

In Dark, Eric realizes that Vlad is in Geoforge hunting ground. He must get there and then take down the millions of guards there to get close to Vlad and drink his blood. This will guide Eric on how to reach Vlad, particularly focusing on how to turn off the three ultraviolet switches in the hunting ground and eliminating Vlad at the top landing of the hunting ground.

Dark Get Past the Biome Area

And so Eric descends from the previous area to reach more Biome grounds. The Biome area differs slightly from the previous area, but is not too much more difficult.

Essentially, instead of having one guard at each sentry point, there are now two guards patrolling side by side each other at most points. However that should not change the tactics too much. At each sentry point, take cover and then upgrade the following skills to the required points -

  • Shadow kill (no cooldown required)
  • Shadow Grip (as little noise as possible)

For each set of two guards, observe their sentry pattern and then devise a plan to take them both down in seconds. Generally, the idea is to take one down and then feed on the other. For example, for two guards marching 'side by side' each other, when their backs are facing the hero, one of them is generally slower than the other. Shadow kill one and then feed on the other from behind.

If Eric is discovered, go hide somewhere like one of the foliage heavy area, and wait for hostilities to cease. Then resume your journey to the next section (follow the marker).

Dark Turn off the Ultraviolet Switches in the Hunting Ground

This is one of the most challenging parts of Eric's mission so far. He must get to Vlad in the Geoforge Hunting Ground. Vlad has stationed himself at the top of the Geoforge Hunting Ground landing. He arms himself with a sniper rifle and shadow leaps from one part of the landing to the other, aiming to find and take down Eric. Eric must avoid this because one shot from Vlad will end him. This will provide tactics for Eric as he tries to get to Vlad.

Eric must switch off the three ultraviolet switches. From the elevator, finish talking to Rose and then take cover from Vlad's sniper shot. Descend the stairs and use the foliage as cover and sneak your way to the first marker - the first ultraviolet switch. Along the way, sneak really quietly and take down the ghouls in the compound.

After the first ultraviolet switch has been turned off, the guards will change their positions. One guard and possibly a ghoul will guard the way back to the stairs. The guard will likely reach the position slower than the ghoul. So go out and shadow grip the ghoul. Drag his body into the bushes and hide behind the bushes, waiting for the guard to arrive. When the guard is there, feed on him and raise the blood meter.

Haste is needed next. Switch to shadow kill and quickly run back up the stairs (where Eric came from) and go straight past the elevator and turn right. For dramatic and effective results, upgrade shadow kill to the level where there is no cooldown. Use the shadows to jump and take down the first guard and then the second guard and the ghoul.

The alarm is raised. Run back the way Eric came from and then shadow leap at the end of the corridor towards a bush lying next to the wall and pillar. Hide until the hostility in the region is nullified.

Come out and then look for stray guards slow in returning to their positions. From stealth positions, feed on them to regain the blood meter. Now, go back to the corridor where the three enemies lie dead. Go through and then turn right up the stairs to the next section. Use vampire vision to delineate the sentry action of the first guard. Sneak up behind him and take him down. Then use shadow grip to eliminate the second guard. Now follow the marker and disable the second ultraviolet light in this landing.

From the second ultraviolet switch, proceed towards the ultraviolet tunnel that has just been turned off. Go along and use shadow grip to eliminate the guards one at a time. If the alarm is raised, run back to the above-mentioned bush and hide until hostilities are over. Then go back to the area beyond the ultraviolet tunnel and finish off all the enemies.

There is a stairway behind the landing. Go down the staircase and proceed past a tunnel to take down the ghoul there. Go up another flight of stairs. If Eric turns right a few more times along the wall, the third ultraviolet switch is there. However, this area is full of guards. Use Eric's wealth of vampire knowledge and skills to devise a plan to get rid of the guards and get to the third ultraviolet switch.

Dark Get to Vlad in Geoforge Hunting Ground

Dark stay in this corner of the top landing and then get to Vlad when he shadow leaps to that area.
Dark stay in this corner of the top landing and then get to Vlad when he shadow leaps to that area.

Dark Get and Defeat Vlad

Once the third ultraviolet switch is turned off, the ultraviolet light in the third tunnel will go off, allowing Eric access to Vlad. Return to the foliage heavy ground level and find the flight of stairs to Vlad's vantage point. If the guards along the stairway have not been taken care of, finish them and then wait for Vlad to shadow leap to the other side of the landing.

Then close in on Vlad. First, shadow grip the guards nearest Eric. Then, when Vlad is on the other side of the landing, sneak the corner of the landing closest to Eric and wait for Vlad to shadow leap back to that corner. When the tell-tale sound of the shadow leap is heard, turn around and find Vlad in the corner. Move in and defeat Vlad.


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