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Dark Souls 2 Merchant Locations Guide

Updated on April 3, 2014
Dark Souls 2 Merchant Locations Guide - how to get to the merchants and the important items the hero can buy from them.
Dark Souls 2 Merchant Locations Guide - how to get to the merchants and the important items the hero can buy from them.

In Dark Souls 2, merchants form an integral part of the game, and allows the hero to become more defensive, resilient, offensive and more powerful once the hero purchases the right items from them. This merchant guide will provide important locations and weapons and armor information, especially the important and powerful weapons and armor. It will also guide the hero on where to find the blacksmith and how to fashion powerful weapons, shields and armor.

Dark Souls 2 Find the Armor Merchant in Majula

The first merchant that the hero will encounter is -

  • Maughlin the Armorer in Majula

Maughlin is a strange one. Initially, he pleas with the hero to buy his items. A look at Maughlin's wares almost makes one laugh and create a reluctance to buy his puny wares. However, if the hero shows charity and buys some items from Maughlin, his wares will improve.

  • At 1000 or more souls, Maughlin will upgrade his armor wares.
  • At 16000 or more souls used to purchase his items, Maughlin will upgrade his items to the superior category.

Dark Souls 2 Find Lenigrast the Blacksmith

  • The first blacksmith is Lenigrast, and the hero will find this blacksmith in Majula.

At first, Lenigrast is locked out of his house. Purchase the Lenigrast's key from the merchant at the Cardinal Tower bonfire and the hero will be able to open the door to his smithery. Go on your adventures and return some time later to use his services as a blacksmith and merchant.

  • Besides the ability to reinforce weapons, shields and armor, Lenigrast also sells titanite shards.

Melentis the merchant hag resides initially at the cardinal tower bonfire, but later the hero can get to her in Majula. She sells the following useful items -

  • Human Effigy - these are limited. Buy and use with care.
  • Lifegems
  • Firebomb
  • Witching urn
  • Pharros' Lockstone
  • Lenigrast's key
  • Soul Arrow
  • Heal

Dark Souls 2 Find the Miracle Merchant at the Heide's Tower of Flame

The miracle merchant Licia of Lindeldt sells miracles and can only be found at the Heide's Tower of Flame bonfire after the hero defeats the Dragonrider. Remember to talk to this woman and once all the conversation options are finished, she will relocate to the circular room at the dungeon leading to the Heide's Tower of Flame area.

The miracle merchant sells the following miracles -

  • Heal
  • Med heal
  • Great heal Excerpt
  • Replenishment
  • Replenishment Life
  • Caressing Prayer
  • Force
  • Lightning Spear
  • Homeward
  • Guidance

She also sells -

  • Cleric's sacred chime
  • Ring of prayer

Dark Souls 2 Find the First Sorcerer Merchant Carhillon at No Man's Wharf

The hero needs more soul arrows and needs to upgrade his pyromancy skill. Go to No Man's Wharf bonfire and go ring the bell to summon the ship. The ship arrives. Instead of going to the pier and towards the ship, turn around and spot a man on the other pier.

It is Carhillon of the Fold. Speak to him, and be spoken back if the hero has an intelligence of at least 8. Buy the following spells from him -

  • Soul arrows of various types (fast or slower but heavy damage)
  • Shockwave
  • Yearn

Carhillon also sells

  • Magic rings
  • Sorcerer staff catalyst

Magic Items to restore spell use and various other spell needs.

  • After defeating the Flexile Sentry, Carhillon moves to Majula, near the Covenant of the Blue soldier, beside the tree just before the hill from the Majula bonfire.

Dark Souls 2 Find the Other Sorcerer Merchant Straid of Olaphis

The hero can get to the other sorcerer merchant Straid of Olaphis. First get to the second Lost Bastille bonfire after defeating the Three Ruin Sentinel.

Then get to the Sinner's Rest bonfire. Along the way, instead of going towards the mist door towards that bonfire, go up the stairs to the final floor of the Lost Bastille. There are many cells there. Straid of Olaphis is petrified and blocks the Lost Bastille third bonfire.

The hero needs to defeat the Sinner and unpetrify the other sorcerer merchant. After he is turned stone to flesh, speak to him. Straid of Olaphis sells the following spells -

  • Homing Soul Arrow (Sorcery)
  • Affinity (Hex)
  • Cast Light (Sorcery)
  • Resplendent Life (Miracle)
  • Unveil (Miracle)
  • Lingering Flame (Pyromancy)
  • Flame Swathe (Pyromancy)
  • Dark Orb (Hex)
  • Dark Hail (Hex)
  • Dark Fog (Hex)
  • Strong Magic Shield (Sorcery)

He will also trade the following boss souls for the specialty weapons. Here is a selection -

  • Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword - from Soul of the Pursuer
  • Warped Sword - from Flexile Sentry Soul
  • Heavy Homing Soul Arrow - from Ruin Sentinel Soul
  • Gargoyle Bident - from Belfry Gargoyle Soul

  • Roaring Halberd - from Skeleton Lord's soul
  • Bone Scythe - from Covetous Demon soul

Dark Souls 2 Find Lonesome Gavlaan the Sell Merchant

  • Lonesome Gavlaan is the only merchant that the hero can sell to, for souls.

The hero can get to him at the top floor of the house inhabited by the demonic creatures at No Man's Wharf. After the No Man's Wharf area, Gavlaan will move to the Valley of Harvest.


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