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Dark Souls 2 Pyromancy Spells Guide

Updated on March 26, 2016

In Dark Souls 2, the pyromanic hero wants to become the supreme master of flames. To this end, he tries to collect first the Pyromancy Flame, and then later as many pyromancy spells as possible. Then, the hero will want to upgrade his pyromancy hand to the maximum of 10 and become the most devastating pyromaniac in the world of Drangleic. This will guide the hero with the pyromancy spells, where to get the pyromancy hand and how to use the pyromancy spells effectively.

Dark Souls 2 Upgrade the Pyromancy Hand

The hero will get his first pyromancy spell Fireball and the pyromancy Hand at No Man's Wharf, after he defeats the Flexile Sentry. After that, head to the first sorcerer merchant in the same area to get upgrades for the pyromancy hand.

However, the hero can only get the first fire seed needed to upgrade the pyromancy hand at the entrance to the Chariot Executioner at the Undead Purgatory. The first fire seed is to the right of the dark spirit phantom in front of the mist door.

As the pyromancy hand is upgraded, it will be make each pyromancy spell more powerful. Also, each pyromancy hand upgrade will increase the number of slots available for each spell.

Contrary to popular Drangleic belief, pyromancy spell damage and slots are not affected by intelligence or faith. They are affected by only by the power of the Pyromancy Hand.

And then there is the Dark Pyromancy Hand. The Dark Pyromancy Hand is devious indeed, becoming more powerful as the hero becomes more Hollowed.

  • Get the Dark Pyromancy Flame from the Gutter and the Imprisoned Milfanito.

Dark Souls 2 Fireball Spells

The fireball class of spells consist of the -

  • Fireball spell - the hero can get this from Rosabeth of Melfia, Flame Salamanders, the Gutter and from a chest in the ship after defeating the Flexile Sentry.
  • Fire Orb spell - Rosabeth of Melfia and the Flame Salamanders can get this
  • Great Fireball spell - the hero can get this from Brightstone Cove Tseldora and the Flame Salamanders
  • Great Chaos Fireball - the hero can get this from Chancellor Wellager. If the hero is a covenant player and gets to rank 3 with the Brotherhood of Blood, he can get this spell too.

The fireballs spells affect the enemy directly that it hits, and also has a blast effect. As the hero gets more and more powerful with the hand, use the more powerful versions to inflict more damage.

Dark Souls 2 Pyromancy Storm Spells

  • Firestorm Spell - the hero can get this spell from Titchy Glen, the poison horn beetles and from Drangleic Castle.
  • Fire Tempest - the hero can get this from the Shrine of Amana and the Guardian Dragons
  • Chaos Storm - the most powerful of the pyromancy storm spells is found in Iron Keep

The hero, when casting these spells, will become still and become extremely vulnerable to enemies. However, after the spell is cast, pillars will appear in a radius around the hero. The pillars will be bigger and the radius will be larger with each more powerful version of the spell. More damage will be done and this group of spells is good for multiple groups of enemies.

Dark Souls 2 Combustion Type Spells

  • Combustion - the hero can get this from Rosabeth of Melfia and from Huntsman's Copse.

  • Great Combustion - the hero can get this from Titchy Glen and Drangleic Castle

The hero can cast the combustion spells quite fast, but the spells use up the stamina quite fast. The spells can cause significant damage and will bypass the shield's blocking capabilities due to their fire elemental effects.

Dark Souls 2 Fire Whip Spell

  • This Fire Whip spell is obtained from Titchy Glen and the Bell Keepers in Belfry Sol.

It is a longer version of the combustion spell, with more damage, and more flashy. It is best recommended for narrow areas.

Dark Souls 2 Mist Spells

  • Poison Mist - from Rosabeth of Melfia
  • Toxic Mist - from Straid of Olaphis

These spells, when cast, cause a mist that erodes the enemies' health slowly. This allows the hero to run away and heal up whilst the enemies take damage slowly.

Dark Souls 2 Other Pyromancy Spells

There are other flame spells -

  • Acid Surge
  • Lingering Flame - this spell will cast a drop of flame to linger on in an area. Then when enemies go into the area, the drop of flame will explode, drenching the enemies in flames.
  • Flame Swathe
  • Flame Weapon - this spell will cause a flame weapon to appear in the hero's other hand.
  • Flash Sweat
  • Iron Flesh - the hero's defenses improve substantially, but he moves at an exponentially slow rate, coming to an almost standstill.
  • Warmth
  • Immolation - the hero becomes covered in flames, which burn him a little at a time. Enemies around the hero gets burnt a lot faster and gets damaged more. This is the power of pyromancy - it destroys the enemies and the self.

And then there is the arguably most powerful pyromancy spell in the arsenal -

  • Forbidden Sun - obtained from Royal Sorcerer Navlaan

The Forbidden Sun causes an extremely large fireball ie the sun to land on the target causing excessive damage. Even uf the hero's aim is not clean,and he misses, there is a secondary explosion, causing damage. And then there is a tertiary effect on the area turning into lava areas for a few seconds. Truly forbidden damage.

Dark Souls 2 Pyromancy Spells in DLC

There are some more dark souls 2 pyromancy spells in the dlc, including the Dance of Fire Pyromancy Spell.


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    • profile image

      LAFORGUS 2 years ago

      Thanks for the guide

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 3 years ago from Australia

      My first playthrough of Dark Souls 2 was very much Pyromancy focused, I loved it!

    • profile image

      Michael 4 years ago

      Pyromancy DOES scale with int/faith...look at the fire bonus rise when you level either int or faith....

    • supreme gamer profile image

      supreme gamer 4 years ago

      love those comments, please keep them coming...

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      Nomansland 4 years ago

      Pyromancy does actually scale with intelligence so you know

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      junaidsohail911 4 years ago

      it's nice pic by theway where do u find this pic?