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Dark Souls Defeating Gravelord Nito

Updated on December 29, 2014

Dark Souls Defeating Gravelord Nito

Dark Souls Defeating Gravelord Nito
Dark Souls Defeating Gravelord Nito

Dark Souls Defeating Gravelord Nito

In dark souls, the hero must defeat Gravelord Nito to obtain one of the four great souls needed for the Lordvessel. This will guide the hero in the preparation before venturing to defeat Gravelord Nito, how to conserve health, sorcery and pyromancy spells and arrows on route to defeating Gravelord Nito and then finally defeating Gravelord Nito.

Dark Souls Preparation Before Venturing to Defeat Gravelord Nito

In dark souls, the preparation to defeat the mega bosses is always very important. In the tactics used to defeat gravelord nito, the preparation phase is of utmost importance. First the hero should have a picture in the mind of what to expect on route to defeating Gravelord Nito. From the second tomb of giants bonfire, prepare some pyromancy spells, which will include Great Fireball, Fireball, Fire Orbs, Great Combustion, Combustion and Iron Flesh. Also prepare some miracles such as the Heal spell. Next use the Rite of Kindling to upgrade the second bonfire to +20 estus flasks. The hero will need humanity which can be easily obtained from Big Hat Logan's second prison. With all these estus flasks and spells at the ready, march on and venture forth to defeat the gravelord nito.

The paths to defeating gravelord nito include the path of battle or the path of running and evasion. The path of battle involves defeating two dog skeletons with fire orbs and then moving down into the path that leads to the tower skeletons. Use fireballs against these tower skeletons. If the hero's Pyromancy Flame is at least +2, then these tower skeletons can be dealt with easily using fireballs. After the first two tower skeletons are destroyed, turn around, and find a third tower skeleton behind the hero. Sneaky creatures! Destroy this one, and then shield up and block the giant skeletal archer's arrows. Move on and use fireballs against the last tower skeleton and the skeletal archer. Once they are done, deal with the giant skeletal warrior hiding behind the wall on the left using fire orb and great combustion.

Next, before reaching the white light to go into the arena to defeat gravelord nito, the hero must defeat some minion pinwheels. There is a narrow path on the left which the hero can take. Use the stalagmites and wall to block the pinwheels' ranged fire attacks. Use poison arrows and bow attack to eliminate the pinwheels and conserve health and spells. Be very wary of small skeletons that make their way sneakily to the hero's feet to attack and poison the hero. Take these out with melee weapons.

After all the pinwheels are defeated, head into the mouth of the cave just before the fog gate. Smash through the obstacle and head forth through the fog gate. After the fog gate, there is a small path for the hero to heal up and prepare before engaging Gravelord Nito. At this point, it is recommended that the hero change into more protective armor (such as the paladin armor from the Gravelord Nito area - the hero can grab this armor and then use the spell homeward to get back to the bonfire) before jumping down the cliff.

Dark Souls the Path of Running from the Bonfire to Gravelord Nito

Dark Souls Tactics to Defeat Gravelord Nito

In dark souls, the battle against Gravelord Nito starts after the hero jumps down from the cliff. This fall will damage the hero, so heal up again (luckily the hero has about 20 estus flasks and the heal spell). The hero will be attacked by "normal" skeletons and the Gravelord Nito. It is suggested the hero tries to defeat Gravelord Nito in this area rather than run around, as this will alert the giant skeletons in the area, making the fight more difficult.

The tactics used to defeat gravelord nito is to ignore as best as possible the "normal" skeletons around the hero (hence the need for the best protective armor) and concentrate on the gravelord nito. Switch to Great Fireball and then Fire Orb and just unleash pyromancy spell after pyromancy spell at the Gravelord Nito.

The Gravelord Nito will attack the hero using his great sword, which can be easily avoided. The Gravelord Nito also has a scream attack which results in an ethereal blade jagging out of the ground against the hero. Try to avoid this attack by rolling if the attacks occurs. Otherwise just keep running around the Gravelord Nito and this attack may not happen at all. Then there is an area attack of the Gravelord Nito which will take out the "normal" skeletons and the hero. The hero must jump clear of this area attack when it happens. Then move to the back of Gravelord Nito and unleash Great Combustion again and again and again on the Gravelord Nito, who has a very slow recovery time from this area attack. With the combination of Great Fireball, Fire Orbs and Great Combustion applied in the above fashion, the Gravelord Nito will be easily defeated.

Dark Souls Defeating Gravelord Nito Using Melee Attacks


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