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Dark Souls Defeating Lord Gwyn

Updated on November 4, 2011

Dark Souls Defeating Lord Gwyn

Dark Souls Defeating Lord Gwyn
Dark Souls Defeating Lord Gwyn

Dark Souls Defeating Lord Gwyn Lord of Cinder

In Dark Souls, defeating Lord Gwyn is the final act of the dark souls game. Gwyn Lord of Cinder is the final boss waiting for the hero at the Kiln of the First Flame. This will guide the hero in navigating through the Kiln of the First Flame and then transversing the white light one more time to reach Lord Gwyn and defeat the Lord of Cinder. There is almost an inevitability about this final part of the Dark Souls game; if the hero can get this far, then the hero can defeat Lord Gwyn. All good things must come to an end, and so the hero should clear up all unfinished business in the land of Dark Souls and then engage this final boss and link the fire.

Dark Souls Kiln of the First Flame

In Dark Souls, the hero must gather and then place all four lord souls into the lordvessel at the Firelink Altar. These four lord souls are obtained from the four mega bosses of the dark souls game -

  • Seath the Scaless
  • Bed of Chaos
  • Four Kings
  • Nito the Gravelord

Upon putting these souls into the lordvessel, the gate to the Kiln of the First Flame opens. This is the place of cinders, where everything (well, almost everything) has been burnt to cinders. This is the place of the first bonfire, and the fire from this has just burnt away everything as it spreads from the source.

In dark souls Kiln of the First Flame, to reach the white light or fog gate, the hero has to defeat or run past five black knights. It is recommended that the hero defeats three of the five black knights. The last two black knights can be dodged and evaded as the hero jumps through the fog gate. This will conserve enough health points and pyromancy spells to defeat Lord Gwyn. Also it is ideal for the hero to warp from the Firelink Shrine and save from the Firelink Shrine, as this will give the hero 20 estus flask fillings to take into the Kiln of the First Flame with the rite of kindling. The Firelink Altar and Lordvessel does not allow for kindling.

In dark souls Kiln of the First Flame, the tactics to defeat the black knights are pretty standard by now. Their swings cause huge damage and stamina costs, but their recovery time is painfully slow. Painfully slow for the black knights that is. Whilst waiting for them to recover, the hero just has to round to the back of the black knights and combust them or take them down with the best weapons the hero has amassed so far in the dark souls game. Using this tactics, the hero can defeat all five black knights with ease. The good thing about these black knights is that they will drop some kind of titanite chunk when they are defeated, so the hero can use this to improve on his weapons even more.

Where to after Dark Souls?

Dark Souls Tactics to Defeat Lord Gwyn

In Dark Souls, Lord Gwyn is standing quite far way as the hero steps through the Kiln of the First Flame fog gate. Lord Gwyn then runs and jumps onto the hero in a flash. This flash is sufficient for the pyromancy hero to cast Iron Flesh and then flick the attack pyromancy spell to Great Combustion. Now see that Lord Gwyn has jumped up with his flaming sword. Shield up and block (as much as possible) Lord Gwyn first jump attack. Now target Lord Gwyn and spam great combust Lord Gwyn and watch with devious satisfaction as the damage (with Pyromancy Flame +5) jumps from +500 to +1000 to +2500. With enough skills in spamming, the hero can actually defeat Lord Gwyn in one "single" great combusion spam attack. If the hero somehow misses and runs out of Great Combustion, switch to combusion and repeat the process. The hero may have to run away to heal up, cast Iron Flesh again and then allow Lord Gwyn to jump him, and start combusting the Lord of Cinder again. With this pyromancy technique, Lord Gwyn will be defeated. Other heroes may want to use the traditional melee attack moves to defeat Lord Gwyn.

In Dark Souls, with the defeat of Lord Gwyn, the hero can touch the first bonfire and link the fire. This will mark the end of the Dark Souls game. Congratulations! The hero has defeated one of the most difficult games in video gaming.

Now the hero is transported to the Undead Asylum at the end of the credit list, and the game starts all over again. However, this time, the hero starts with a very high level, and all his equipment with him. It's time to head back and destroy all those monster bosses in the dark soul games, especially the early bosses which caused so much trouble for the hero..........

Dark Souls Defeating Lord Gwyn (Melee Method Using Halberd)


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