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Dark Souls Defeating Ornstein and Smough

Updated on December 29, 2014

Dark Souls Defeating Ornstein and Smough

Dark Souls Defeating Ornstein and Smough - Smough the Executioner is down, only Ornstein the Dragonslayer to go.
Dark Souls Defeating Ornstein and Smough - Smough the Executioner is down, only Ornstein the Dragonslayer to go.

Dark Souls Defeating Ornstein the Dragonslayer and Smough the Executioner

In dark souls, the mega bosses in Anor Londo include Ornstein the Dragonslayer and Smough the Executioner. These two are one of the most difficult boss duo to defeat in the dark souls game. Let's look at a few tactics on how to defeat Ornstein the Dragonslayer and Smough the Executioner. Ornstein is the cat face boss with lightning speed and lightning spears or lances to match. Smough is the fat slow one that smashes everything to bits with his outrageously large hammer. Together, the two form the dynamic duo in Dark Souls. Many heroes have fallen before their combined attacks.

Dark Souls Defeating the Monsters Before Ornstein and Smough

In dark souls, to make matters worse, before the hero can venture through the white light to defeat Ornstein and Smough, he must defeat the silver knight and the super giant knight golems standing guard outside the fog gate. And that is assuming the hero has already run past the gargoyles and the giant knight golems standing guard outside the mausoleum.

In dark souls, to defeat the monsters before Ornstein and Smough, the hero must conserve as much spell power and health points before taking on Ornstein and Smough. It is suggested that the hero links up the three Anor Londo bonfires so that the hero can travel from the first Anor Londo bonfire to the white light to defeat Ornstein and Smough. This will give the hero ten estus flask fillings to bring into the fight. Also, the hero should level up at the Darkroot Basin region for easy level up and experience points accumulation. Then spend some soul points to purchase some poison arrows. Bring about 200 plus poison arrows to defeat the monsters before Ornstein and Smough.

At the first bonfire, go human with humanity. From the first bonfire, when approaching the giant knight golems outside the big black gate, turn left and run for this gate to reach the blacksmith. Roll one or two times to dodge the attacks and then run up the stairs. The batwing creatures and the giant knight golems will be aggravated but will not chase after the hero up the stairs. Now descend from the stairs and run down to where the silver knight archer is. Run forwards and turn around so that the silver knight archer is directly in front of the hero but is still on the stairs. The silver knight archer will be firing lances at the hero, but will all hit the stairs at this point. Conversely, the hero can shoot the poison arrows at the silver knight, but will hit the silver knight, causing poison damage. Watch as the silver knight withers under the poison.

Now the hero has to deal with the two super giant golem knights. Go and stand approximately where the silver knight was standing, and take aim at the golem knight facing inwards with poison arrows. In this position, the golem knight can be shot, but cannot see the hero and will not heal up or chase after the hero. The golem knight will then succumb to poison damage after enough poison arrows hit him. Now run over to the other stairwell, and go to the top. Find a spot in between the stairwell columns (near to the fog gate), and shoot at the second golem knight using this approach. There will be some spots here where the golem knight will not be aggravated. Even if the golem knight is aggravated, he will chase after the hero up to the top of the stairs and then return to this position. With some patience, this golem knight will also succumb to poison.

With the monsters before Ornstein and Smough defeated, it's time to go through the white light and defeat Ornstein and Smough.

Dark Souls Calling in Friends to Defeat Ornstein And Smough

In dark souls, it is entirely possible to defeat Ornstein and Smough solo. However, where is the fun in rpg games if one cannot bring a friend or friends along for the fight? So go back to where the silver knight was standing. Go ahead a few steps, and then summon the Knight Solaire. Now arm the hero with sorcery spells and pyromancy spells especially Fire Orb or the Great Fireball spell. The hero's pyromancy level should be +12 or more before advancing to defeat Ornstein and Smough (hence the easy level up at Darkroot Basin to upgrade the pyromancy).

With the Knight Solaire by the hero's side, transverse the white light. Run away from Ornstein and Smough so that they will target the Knight Solaire. Now move in and rapidly throw those fire orbs, fireballs and great fireballs at Ornstein and Smough. With enough firepower and aim, Ornstein can be taken out with four or five fire orbs, leaving Smough behind. This should be done really fast so that the Knight Solaire does not take much damage and can still deal with Smough as an efficient tank.

With Smough left behind, concentrate on him using the same tactics. The hero may need to move around the room and dodge his super hammer throw and thrust attacks if the Knight Solaire has been taken out. Just keep throwing those fireball spells or sorcery spells, and Smough will be defeated eventually. This provides an alternative poison arrow and spell based approach of defeating Ornstein and Smough efficiently.

Of course, the hero may prefer the traditional melee tactics of defeating Ornstein and Smough.

With Ornstein and Smough defeated, it's time to venture forth, speak to Gwyvenere (Princess of Sunlight) and obtain the Lordvessel. And then go on to the Duke's Archives.

Dark Souls Using Melee Attacks and Shield Ranged Attacks to Defeat Ornstein and Smough


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