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Dark Souls Defeating the Capra Demon

Updated on December 29, 2014

Dark Souls Defeating the Capra Demon

Dark Souls Defeating the Capra Demon and his Dogs
Dark Souls Defeating the Capra Demon and his Dogs

Dark Souls Defeating the Capra Demon

In dark souls, the capra demon is a fearsome goat-headed monster which wields two large weapons, and moves very fast. Defeating the capra demon is required in dark souls to obtain the key to the Depths. Because of the speed and heavy damage of the capra demon, defeating it is very difficult. Various tactics used to defeat the capra demon have to be preconceived and then executed to perfection in order for the hero to defeat the capra demon. The difficulty level of this fight is accentuated by the presence of two rabid plagued dogs that attack the hero at the same time as the capra demon, and the small confines of the courtyard where the fight takes place means the hero cannot really outrun these monsters and regroup at one's convenience.

Dark Souls Route to Defeating the Capra Demon

In dark souls, the route to defeating the capra demon has to be chosen well; otherwise the outcome of the fight will be inevitable - those two words that players in dark souls are very very familiar with by now.

There are two routes to defeating the capra demon. When the hero first obtains the key to the lower undead burg from destroying the bell gargoyles, use this key to open the door at the start of the bridge where he had to outrun the dragon's breath. Descend into the depths and beware of rabid dogs that infest this lower dungeon level. The hero must open two doors during this route. The first door is the door that leads almost directly to the undead burg bonfire. The second door is the sewer gate that leads to the tunnel with the rat, and from there to the firelink shrine. This second door is crucial because it means the hero can start from the firelink shrine. The monsters that the hero meet from the firelink shrine to the capra demon white light door are much easier to take care of compared to the other routes which are littered with backstabbing and poison dart throwing rogues and dogs that jump from all over the place to attack the hero. Using the firelink shrine route means the hero only has to fight skeletons (pretty easy foes by now, especially with the drake sword or the halberd), a rat, a zombie archer, 2 rogues and 2 rabid dogs before reaching the white light door. Also this route will lead the hero to the lower undead burg merchant (the first merchant can be found here) . This second undead burg merchant specializes in selling poison darts, antidotes, humanity (costs 5000) and other thief specialization stuff. Check out the stock before heading off to defeat the capra demon.

Dark Souls Tactics for Defeating the Capra Demon

In dark souls, when the hero finally stands at the white light leading to the courtyard that contains the capra demon, several tactics have to be present mentally in the gamer's head. Directly after transversing the white light, The capra demon will make a mad dash for the hero with the two weapons in a charge attack, and the two dogs will attack at almost the same time. This charge attack can be dodged with the shield up and then rolling to the left side of the courtyard just as the capra demon launches the attack. If the hero can dodge this first attack by the capra monster, and the first attack by one of the dogs, the hero will arrive at the foot of the staircase on the left of the courtyard.

Very quickly, pick yourself up and run up the stairs about halfway and rapidly turn around with the shield raised. The dogs will attack first in most cases, and the capra demon will follow behind. Take out both dogs both at once, using either the fast attack from the halberd aimed in a straight line at the two dogs down the stairs, or using the swing power attack. The swing power attack will likely also catch the capra demon and cause damage but it does cause the hero a longer recovery time, and the capra demon can take this opportunity to charge attack the hero. Anyhow, quickly run to the end of the stairs and up to the very narrow ledge on the right side. Drink one or two fillings of the ectus flask contents. The advantage of starting from the firelink shrine means the hero should have ten fillings still at this time of the crucial fight with the capra demon.

After restoring one's health, jump down as the capra demon chases the hero up the stairs. Run up the stairs again and mid-way to the top of the stairs, spin around and engage the capra demon with the most powerful weapon in the hero's inventory or the halberd using quick attacks. The halberd is ideal because its downwards thrust attack can deal extra and then multiplier damage in the quick attack mode. Always remember to block prior to attacking. And then repeat the cycle again. Run to the ledge, heal up, jump down, run up the stairs and quick attack the capra demon. Using this method, the hero will be able to defeat the capra demon.

Several more tactics will have to be used to defeat the capra demon. Because it is so fast and strong, it will definitely cause some damage to the hero at some stage. Make sure to have leveled up the hero to have very high health points, so the attacks cannot take out the hero all at once. Use the darkroot basin and darkroot garden areas for easy leveling up, and then return to take care of the capra demon when the hero has sufficient health points. It may also be useful to have learnt the Heal miracle from Petrus at the firelink shrine so that the Ectus flask fillings can be reserved for this fight (total of 15 heals from Heal miracle spell and ectus fillings even if the hero has little faith attribute points).

For armor, try to use agile and fast type armor which offers some kind of protection. This is absolutely necessary at the start when the hero must dodge the first few attacks by the capra demons and the dogs.

With all the above tactics integrated into one smooth flawless execution in the battlefield, the hero will defeat the capra demon. The reward for defeating the capra demon is to be able to descend into the Depths, and to face some really really scary creatures down there.


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