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Dark Souls Finding the Blacksmith in Undead Parish Area

Updated on October 9, 2011

Dark Souls Finding the Blacksmith in the Undead Parish Area

Dark Smith Finding the Blacksmith in the Undead Parish Area
Dark Smith Finding the Blacksmith in the Undead Parish Area

Dark Souls Finding the Blacksmith in Undead Parish Area

This will guide the player in finding the blacksmith (called Andrei) in the undead parish area. Finding the blacksmith in the undead parish area means the Hero has done about 80% of the undead parish area walkthrough. Finding the blacksmith in the undead parish area is also important because it allows the Hero to upgrade, reinforce and repair his weapons and armor. This will provide the player with better weapons especially to defeat the creatures in the undead parish area, particularly the skeletal knights with the brown cloaks and the Baldur armor.

Dark Souls Getting to the Blacksmith in Undead Parish Area

In dark souls, to get to the blacksmith in the undead parish area, the Hero starts at the bonfire in the room below where the red dragon is perched. Use the lever to open the gate and advance up the stairs to meet a skeletal swordsman. This part of the undead parish area walkthrough will be very very easy if the Hero has a long weapon, like a spear, a pike or a halberd (the best). It may be worthwhile to start as a thief character as monsters tend to drop more of these valuable weapons at the beginning. This undead parish area walkthrough was done using a halberd and the knight armor, and it was a breeze using the halberd.

Use the halberd in the following fashion - shield up and block, and then after the skeleton attacks, penetrate its defenses with the long weapon. With the halberd, one or two strike from a comfortable distance will take out the skeleton. When the Hero reaches the blacksmith, reinforce this halberd weapon into a +3 or +4 weapon using titanite shards and 200 souls (each), and one strike will take out these weak skeletons. The good thing about the halberd is that its power attack can take out four or five enemies surrounding the hero in one strike, and allows the hero to do this from a comfortable distance.

Once this little experiment on the skeletal swordsman is done, the hero will reach a compound or courtyard where the armored boar is. Tactics for defeating the armored boar is discussed here. Once the armored boar is gone, it will not respawn, and the hero can deal with the rest of the skeletal warriors here in the same fashion using the long weapon.

In the undead parish courtyard, there is a corridor on the right before the arch (where the skeletal archers are) that leads down to a dark dungeon. Descend into this dungeon to find some ladders that will lead to more undead parish areas. Be careful of the raging zombies in this area, as they can take out the hero very fast if they all become berserk and jump in at the same time. Hence the usefulness of the halberd in this undead parish area walkthrough, as it take out two enemies at once with the quick attack.

When the hero reaches the very top of the ladder for the first time, there is a shimmering white teleporter in the wall. Walk through this. Do not worry as there is no boss monster outside this white teleporter.

Dark Souls Skeletal Knight in Undead Parish Area

Dark Souls Skeletal Knight in Undead Parish Area
Dark Souls Skeletal Knight in Undead Parish Area

Dark Souls Undead Parish Area Shimmering White Gate

Two shimmering white gates in the undead parish areas have been found so far. This one here will lead the hero closer to finding the blacksmith Andrei in this area. Beyond the shimmering white gate is a short series of small narrow corridors. Again the long weapon is very useful here as it allows the hero to strike from a distance well beyond the reach of most monsters. There is a skeletal spearman at one corner on the left as the hero heads up the stairs. Finish him off.

The hero has a choice at this stage to engage in a first battle with a skeletal knight (brown cloak, baldur armor, uses a rapier, very quick and agile large monster). Approach this skeletal knight from the back quietly. When the hero is within distance of this skeletal knight, try to backstab him or use the halberd to take him down. The skeletal knight has a lot of health points. It took four quick attacks using the halberd, and then one more attack to finish him. The good news is once this first skeletal knight is down, you can pick up the Knight Shield (just to complete the Knight Armor). The bad news is further walkthrough the undead parish area requires one to destroy a lot more of these skeletal knights.

Head back to down the path to the blacksmith and find another skeletal spearman to take care of, and another one of the skeletal knights. Once these two are done, the hero is just outside the blacksmith location in the undead parish area.

Dark Souls Just Outside the Location of the Blacksmith in Undead Parish Area

The Hero is almost there. The blacksmith location lies just outside a very long walkway (with wooden planks in the middle that look like they are about to fall off). There are two choices here. Either run through this long walkway and then turn right and reach the second bonfire in the undead parish area. Comforting sounds of the blacksmith hammering away at armor or weapons can just be heard coming from the level below the bonfire. This option means the hero has to dodge the arrows from the skeletal archer in the back courtyard area of the undead parish church. Alternatively, just take out the three skeletal warriors in this area before going to this new bonfire and saving.

Then pay a visit (finally!) to the blacksmith below the bonfire level. Upgrade and reinforce these weapons, because the hero will need these for the next stage - exploring the undead parish area church, defeating more skeletal knights, defeating the giant skeletal knight and defeating the evil church cleric. Of course at the end of this is the second white shimmering gate that leads to the very difficult battle against the Bell Gargoyle.


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