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Dark Souls Painted World of Ariamis

Updated on November 2, 2011

Dark Souls Painted World of Ariamis

In dark souls, the painted world of Ariamis can be reached by examining the painting in the Anor Londo cathedral building with lots of painting guardians. To get into the painted world of Ariamis, the hero must be equipped with the peculiar doll which can only be obtained with a return to the Undead Asylum. Once within Ariamis, the hero will be stuck in the painted world of Ariamis and must find a way to get out of the painted world of Ariamis. This will guide the hero in obtaining the Annex Key, opening the door between the central courtyard and the Ariamis bonfire (shortcut between the bonfire and the exit from Ariamis) and finding the switch to open the double doors that lead to Crossbreed Priscilla and returning to Anor Londo.

Dark Souls Treasures of the Painted World of Ariamis

In dark souls, the treasures of the painted world of Ariamis are plentiful, and quite useful to the hero. Hence the trip to get into the painted world of Ariamis is important indeed. These treasures within the painted world of Ariamis include -

  • Pyromancy Spell Fire Surge
  • Pyromancy Spell Acid Surge
  • Dark Ember
  • Miracle: Vow of Silence
  • Large Titanite Shard
  • Great Level Up Place
  • Black Cleric Armor Set
  • Painting Guardian Armor Set
  • And others

Dark Souls Painted World of Ariamis

Dark Souls Painted World of Ariamis - Getting In is Easy, but Can the Hero Get Out?
Dark Souls Painted World of Ariamis - Getting In is Easy, but Can the Hero Get Out?

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Dark Souls Getting to the Central Courtyard in the Painted World of Ariamis

In dark souls, getting to the central courtyard in the Painted World of Ariamis is essential in opening the doors between the Ariamis bonfire and the exit. The central courtyard is very easily recognized by the legion or entangled mass of undead warriors in the center guarding the statue of Crossbreed Priscilla. This is the path to the central courtyard.

From the Ariamis bonfire, head up the stairs and take down some raging zombies on the right. Now travel up the stairs and fight off more raging zombies and a new breed of undead - a raging zombie without it's head which has been replaced by a mould of fungi-like substance. This "headless" zombie is capable of throwing fireballs or torching the hero with a torch, and then throwing a mist of poison when it dies or when it so chooses. Use quick powerful attacks to destroy this headless zombie.

Now find a path that leads to a narrow bridge and transverse this narrow bridge to the other side. Go downstairs to face more raging and headless zombies. Finish them, and find another path that leads to a tower with stairs that lead up and down. The stairs that lead down will lead the hero to the central courtyard where the legion of undead warriors are. This legion is pretty good level up material, each being worth 250 experience points. However, they can be quite dangerous as they throw spears and there are a lot of them indeed. Either finish them all, or just run and find a ladder that leads to a series of sewers with wheeling skeletons in them.

Within this series of sewers are false walls. Hit them and they will disappear. The hero must find a large chamber with five or six wheeling skeletons. Destroy all the wheeling skeletons, and find a switch in one of the pillars. Turn the switch to open the double doors that lead to the Tower Knight and Crossbreed Priscilla. Somewhere in the sewers is the Annex Key required to open the passageway that leads to the Dark Ember. Also search the sewers carefully - one of passageway leads upstairs to the Pyromancy Spell - Fire Surge.

Now within the central courtyard, if the hero heads to down the snowy slopes and eliminates all the raging zombies, he can search the area and find the other Pyromancy Spell here - Acid Surge. Just beside the snowy slopes is the passageway up that requires the Annex Key. Search this area for the Dark Ember and the Miracle: Vow of Silence.

Dark Souls Painted World Defeating the Mini Bosses

In dark souls painted world of Ariamis, there are some mini bosses that can be easily defeated for the treasures they harbor. First is the undead dragon that guards the bridge below which lies the second mini boss the Tower Knight. The undead dragon is rather easy to defeat. The hero simply has to aggravate the undead dragon, and he will chase down the hero. Now hide in the little alcove on the left where the poison fog from the undead dragon cannot reach the hero. Unleash arrows from the hero's bow and the undead dragon will be defeated. Pick up some experience points for the dragon (+5000) and the bloodshield as part of the loot.

By transversing the double doors that lead to Crossbreed Priscilla, the hero will find himself on a bridge that leads to some raging zombies. Destroy them all, and be wary of more zombies that will climb onto the bridge to attack the hero. In addition, the Tower Knight will take this opportunity to attack. If the hero is a pyromancer, keep launching Great Fireballs and Fire Orbs at the Tower Knight, and he will be defeated. The Tower Knight will always drop a large titanite shard when he is defeated. This is a great way to farm titanite shard (teleport back to the Ariamis bonfire and start defeating the Tower Knight again).

With the mini-bosses defeated, the hero can proceed down the bridge and enter the fog gate and take on Priscilla Crossbreed the Lifehunter. Or if the hero is merciful, just talk to Priscilla Crossbreed and jump from the plank to get out of the painted world of Ariamis and return back to Anor Londo.

Dark Souls Get Into the Painted World of Ariamis


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