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Dark the Game Harding Museum Guide

Updated on July 8, 2013

In Dark the Game, the hero will need to infiltrate Harding Museum and get to Blooming. Blooming is the ancient vampire whose blood will save Eric Bane. However, the museum has been infiltrated by men with automatic weapons. Eric Bane must use a combination of sneak and take down techniques to eliminate these men. Then he must take down the security guards who have taken back the rest of the museum. This Harding museum guide will provide Eric Bane with the know-how and the routes to take down the men and get to Blooming.

Dark the Game Harding Museum Guide

Dark the Game the last man standing before the door that leads directly to the elevator in the Harding Museum.
Dark the Game the last man standing before the door that leads directly to the elevator in the Harding Museum.

Dark Take Down the Men Outside the Museum

Eric Bane's night tour of the museum begins with some more tutorial on how to sneak around and take down enemies. Finish talking to Rose and then sneak behind the first man and surprise him and drink his blood. This will allow Eric Bane to fill up his blood meter, giving him more chances to use his special ability. Then pick up the PDA close by for more experience points.

Next, use cover and sneak up to the second man. Take him down. Then use the stair railing as cover and observe the third man. When his back is turned towards the hero, go forward and take him down.

Then, it's Eric Bane versus a few guards in close proximity of one another. The two guards outside the foyer will, at some point, turn their back to each other and to Eric. Go in and take down the first guard. Then drag his body quickly away from the sight of the second guard. Hide behind cover and wait for an opportune moment and take down the second guard.

Now, move inside the tower and eliminate all the guards in similar fashion. Allow Rose to hack into the museum's security system and then enter the museum proper.

Dark Get Past More Men in the Harding Museum

There are several levels in the Harding Museum. This will take Eric Bane through the levels in turn and demonstrate how to use some of Eric's newer powers to get past the men.

In the first level, there will be three men. The first man will be distracted looking at an exhibit. So just sneak in behind him and take him down. Don't forget to drink his blood to raise Eric's blood meter. Then, use shadow kill to take down the next guard along the corridor. Finally, wait for the third guard to move along the final part of the corridor before sneaking up behind him and drink his blood.

In similar fashion, go down the stairs and use vampire vision to detect the number of guards in the lowest levels. Then devise a series of tactics to take down the enemies.

Again, in the next sections, use vampire vision to work out the sentry pattern of the guards. Then devise a plan to eliminate or avoid them and go on to the security guard controlled section of the museum.

In the final part of the Harding Museum guide, Eric must get past the ordinary security guards. These ordinary security guards have taken back this part of Harding Museum and have flooded the floor with their numbers, making life tough for Eric, because he must dissect this whole level into sections and then get past each section.

  • In the first section, the security guards are few and far between, so use the above techniques to take them out.
  • This will clear the area up to the middle of the first bridge near the entrance. There will be two guards to the left of the bridge. Eric can either take them down, or just proceed to the right of the bridge. Here there are two guards facing each other. Occasionally, they will separate far enough for Eric to take them out one at a time.
  • Now descend the stairs to the ground floor and observe the guards. Eric can creep along the right side (when facing the exit marker) and go past the guards in darkness.
  • The most difficult part will be when the hero is just about to get to the doors. Here, three guards are facing one another. However, one of the guards (the one near the door) will start patrolling up and down in a straight line in front of the door. Hide near one corner on the right side. When the guard is just about to approach the door, use shadow kill to take him down.......... and then open the door.


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