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Dark the Game Vampire Powers Level Up Guide

Updated on July 4, 2013

In Dark the Game, the vampire newbie Eric Bane will grow from a half vampire into a fully fledged vampire of magnificent shadow prowess. This vampire powers level up guide will provide Eric Bane with a list of his vampiric powers and provide some hints on how to level them up in the game to best use his powers against the enemies.

Dark Inherent Powers

Inherent powers are powers which vampires have through the ages. Inherent powers do not use the Blood Meter, and can be used effectively in most situations where the vampire has already used up all the Blood in his Blood Meter. Inherent powers do need power points to level them up. The inherent powers include –

Instant Kill – allows the vampire to take down enemies quickly and quietly. This inherent power has two other levels, which are –

  • Quiet Kill – reduces noise generated when taking down an enemy somewhat.
  • Silent Kill – eliminates all noises when taking down enemies.

Shadow Leap – allows the vampire to jump through shadow rifts and emerge on the other side, bypassing enemies and obstacles. This inherent power has three other levels, which are –

  • Increased range – increase shadow leap jump distance to 10 meters.
  • Reduced Cooldown – reduces the time within which Shadow Leap can be activated again.
  • Perfect Shadow Leap – Eric Bane blends in with the shadows and then jumps, leaping longer distances and reducing noise generated.

Vampire Vision – allows the vampire to sense enemies, and later other sound frequencies, light wavelengths and object auras that are different from others. When levelled up, vampire vision has two levels –

  • Premonition – allows one to see undead such as the Ghouls and enemy weapons.
  • Premonition II – allows one to see cameras, PDAs and UV light.

Feed – one of the “hallmarks” of the vampire – drinking another’s blood. Does create a lot of loud noises initially, and will alert nearby enemies. Also takes a while initially, like seven seconds. As the vampire’s powers grow, he can control the feeding better –

  • Sanguinarian – the vampire requires less time to feed. This power costs 2 power points to level up.
  • Sanguinarian II – the vampire reduces the noise when he is feeding. This power costs 2 power points to level up.
  • Sanguinarian III – the vampire can ulitilze the blood so fed much better, receiving 2 blood units instead of just one every time he feeds. This power costs 3 power points to level up.

Dark Vampiric Powers

Dark use Vampiric Powers to take down enemies.
Dark use Vampiric Powers to take down enemies.

Dark Vampiric Powers

The way that the vampire deals with his environment defines how “posh” and “powerful” the vampire is. These are the vampiric powers, which the vampire will level up and become more and more polished as he grows more powerful. His powers become more stylish. However, these vampiric powers require blood units to use. These vampiric powers are –

Shadow Kill – leaps through the shadows to take down enemies. It does cost a lot of noise and time to cooldown initially. This power has the following levels –

  • Silence – enemies are taken down from the shadows with less noise.
  • Reduced Cooldown – there is no cooldown with this power.
  • Stun – when executed, not only is the targeted enemy eliminated through the shadows, nearby enemies are also stunned for a period of time.

Distract – instead of throwing a stone, the vampire uses the power of illusion to make unimportant things seemingly important to enemies, thus distracting them. Enemies head over to the designated area to investigate. Distract as the following levels –

  • Extended Duration – duration of distraction is increased.
  • Increased Area of Effect – range of effect of the skill and the range of the enemies is increased.

Regeneration – the vampire regenerates health quickly.

  • Instant regeneration – the vampire heals instantly.

Shadow Grip – the vampire takes down enemies from far away and from the shadows. It does cost a loud noises initially.

  • Silent Grip – Shadow Grip takes down enemies in silence. This power costs 2 power points to level up.
  • Destroy Corpse – shadow powers do not just take down enemies; their corpses are destroyed too. This means Eric Bane does not need to drag corpses here and there.

Obscure – the vampire gradually becomes the shadow itself, making enemies hard to detect Eric Bane.

  • Extended Duration – Obscure duration is increased.
  • Extended Duration II – Obscure duration is increased even further.

Subdue – allows the vampire to dominate a person’s mind for a short period of time, and they cannot detect anything in their environment for a period of time.

  • Reduced Cooldown – reduces subdue cooldown to 0 seconds.
  • Enhanced Effect – increases sudue duration by a period of time.

Confusion – allows the vampire to cause confusion in people for a period of time. Confusion has only one upgrade –

  • Forget – increases duration of confusion and reduces enemy to total inattention.

Vampiric Speed – yes, the vampire moves faster and faster. The upgrades available are –

  • Extended Duration – the duration of vampiric speed is increased.
  • Extended Duration II – the duration of vampiric speed is increased even further.

Dark Passive Powers

The vampire can also improve his passive powers that he has more capacity to do what he does best. The passive powers include –

Assassin – decreases the noise of walking and running by a certain percentage. Assassin can be further upgraded into –

  • Silence in the Dark – the amount of noise when walking and running decreases by a certain amount.

Ghost – enemies take longer to notice the vampire.

  • Enhanced sneaking – the vampire moves faster when sneaking. This is particularly useful when Eric wants to sneak and drag bodies to hidden places.

Toughness – Eric’s skin becomes tougher and his health regenerates more. Toughness can be upgraded into –

  • Toughness II – Eric’s base health points are increased more.

Blood – the lifeline of vampiric powers. Eric needs to increase this to increase his Blood Meter by 1.

  • Blood II – Eric’s blood increases by 1.

Awakened Instincts – this power sharpens Eric’s vampire instincts, allowing the vampire to gauge if someone can hear him feed or use a power.


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