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Darksiders 2 Defeat the Construct Hulk

Updated on August 30, 2012

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Construct Hulk

In Darksiders 2, the construct hulk is the final boss construct in the lost temple. The construct hulk is a gargantuan construct that has the ability to summon construct minions and cannot be destroyed or hacked to pieces by conventional weapons in the first instance. The construct hulk has to be immobilised first before it can be harmed by weapons. This will guide the hero on how to use tactics to immobilise and then defeat the construct hulk.

Tactics Used by the Construct Hulk to Defeat Death

The tactics used by the construct hulk are really quite simple. Use large forces in all directions and hope the forces and the impact the forces create hit and defeat the hero Death. The construct hulk has several ways to create the large forces. It can simply raise its gigantic fists and punch the hero into oblivion or smash the hero into paper thin pulp on the ground.

The construct hulk also has a bellowing forceful attack which spreads out from all directions from the hulk and can knock the hero over. Then the hulk's construct minions will jump on the hero. Alternatively, the hero may want to run away from the force generated by the hulk. Unfortunately, in his haste to run away, the hero may run into some shadow bombs. The force generated by the construct hulk will cause the shadow bombs to explode and the hero to be hit in the process, causing substantial damage.

In addition, the whole chamber where this fight takes place will become more and more shaky as the fight progresses towards the end, and the hero will find it hard to find a safe way to run past the shadow bombs and still avoid the force wave attacks of the construct hulk.

Darksiders 2 Defeat the Construct Hulk

Immobilize the construct hulk by throwing the shadow bombs at the hulk
Immobilize the construct hulk by throwing the shadow bombs at the hulk

Tactics that Death should use to Defeat the Construct Hulk

The tactics that the hero Death should use to defeat the construct hulk are also quite simple. First, before a massive boss fight, always fast travel back to Tri-stone to get more health potions. If the shaman at Tri-stone is running out of health potions, then be very conservative and try not to use health potions during the dungeon crawl unless absolutely necessary.

Next, be aware that the way to immobilize the construct hulk is to pick up and throw live shadow bombs at him. After attaching to the hulk, the shadow bombs will explode. Sometimes the force generated by the construct hulk will cause a "self explosion" when the shadow bomb falls onto the hulk from above, or is somewhere near to the hulk. Either way, the explosion will immobilize the hulk. Forward evade move towards the hulk and use the heaviest and most damaging weapons possible on the hulk. Do not hesitate or keep anything back for this fight. The most effective way is to go into reaper form and hack relentlessly at the immobilized hulk for as long as it lasts. Because the reaper form will expire soon, and the hulk will also regain its movements soon. When this happens, run away immediately using evade.

One of the crucial moves of the hero in this fight is to use evade. Evade around the chamber, and steer clear of the shadow bombs, except to pick them up and throw them at the construct hulk.

With accurate aiming, calculated explosive launches of the shadow bombs and maximum damage unleashed when the hulk is immobilised, the construct's hulk health will deteriorate rapidly, and the hero will defeat the construct hulk.

With the construct hulk defeated, the hero can use the maker's key on the warden. The warden awakens, and the hero has to return to Tri-stone to report his success and embark on the most dangerous part of his journey yet.


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