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Darksiders 2 the Nook

Updated on August 25, 2012

Darksiders 2 the Nook

In Darksiders 2, the hero must find the lost temple in order to continue in the main quest of the game. To find the lost temple, the hero must invariably head towards and enter the Nook. The Nook is a short dungeon that lies between Tri-stone and the lost temple somewhere beyond the Weeping Crag. This Nook walkthrough will guide the hero on how to find the lost temple and navigate and overcome the various obstacles in the Nook.

Darksiders 2 the Nook

Finding a golem to activate for the first time within the Nook
Finding a golem to activate for the first time within the Nook

Darksiders 2 Find the Lost Temple

Finding the Nook will allow the hero to find the lost temple
Finding the Nook will allow the hero to find the lost temple

The Nook Walkthrough

From Tri-stone, head into the Stonefather's vale. Now head northeast and enter the Weeping Crag. Bring up the map. Spot the lost temple somewhere on the map in the northeast and then spot a dungeon just below that. This is the Nook. Head north towards the Nook.

The hero will enter the Nook and be besieged by construct monsters. Defeat them and then spot a construct golem in the chamber. Approach this golem and activate it. The hero will be able to mount the construct and then move it along towards the crater on the ground. Move the orb or the ball of the golem into the crater. Now aim the golem towards the wall switch and release the chain. Climb onto the chain and move on towards the next section of the Nook.

Note that the other exit from this chamber will be locked at the beginning and cannot be used to access the rest of the Nook.

Overcome the Obstacles in the Nook

The obstacles in the Nook are not any different from the others in the initial part of the game. So explore the configuration of the area and proceed through the obstacle course.

On the other side of the obstacles, the hero should go down a spiral staircase to a courtyard in the Nook. There are annoying stingers and a stinger pod in this area. Eliminate the stinger pod first and then the stingers and explore this area. There are some chests in this area which can be worth opening if the hero devotes the time to finding a way to access them. There is also a lever in the courtyard which can used to open the door back to the entrance of the Nook.

Head Deeper Into and Out of the Nook

The hero must now head deeper into the Nook. Use the door in the courtyard and enter an area with more constructs. Defeat them and notice that this area is full of water in the lower levels. If the hero descends using the stairs, he can go for a swim in this area. Otherwise the way out of the Nook and into the lost temple is up.

So head up the stairs and encounter more constructs. Put them down and head past more obstacles.

Darksiders 2 Find the Lost Temple

Finally the hero will arrive at a door. Open it, head outside and find........ Karn! The presence of Karn suggests the lost temple has been found, and this is the case here. Go speak to Karn and prepare to enter the lost temple.

With the completion of the Nook walkthrough, the hero should level up and be at least level 7 here. This is important because it allows the hero to wield the heavy weapon Masher of Karkinos. This is very important especially for the hard and long fights in the lost temple.


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