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DChance Review Hard To Believe I am a Sophia The First Fan

Updated on February 11, 2015

Great Show

I happen to like this show. In fact, the only thing, I dislike about it is a dragon that is a pet.

Most of the characters are fun to watch.

The show is about a girl that moves into the palace. Her mother has married the king. This act makes her a princess. The king already has two children, so I doubt that Sophia will have any chance of inheriting the thrown. But, this is Disney. Odds are that Sophia will stay young forever. There will be no struggle for the crown.

Sophia has been given an amulet by the king. He seems to be a caring individual but stays mostly with her mother throughout the show. He just smiles knowing a lot but does not really get to know Sophia. I don't think that he is a bad king just someone who thinks he knows what is going on with Sophia. It is a good thing that Sophia is not a complicated character or the king would be out of luck.

The king has two children. They play the parts of bad girl and good guy to Sophia's over the top niceness. The bad girl is not played as a completely bad character. Since, bad people get punished in the Disney world ... the bad girl learns something about herself and learns to care more for Sophia. The good boy learns more about making friends and having fun. He is also there to steer Sophia in the right direction.

The amulet lets Sophia talk to animals. This helps her greatly with her daily life. They can explain stuff that she does not know.

Along with the animals, she has a butler that knows everything. This guy does not seem to sleep and has only the best interests of the castle at heart. This guy does not believe in vacations.

Then, there is the evil wizard. He is not very evil because he always makes mistakes. I am not really sure why he can't get a spell right or why the castle really needs him but he is there.

image taken from: Amazon

Warning: The bird does not appear to be the bird from the show. He is very easy to brake.

Sophia Learns

She learns something new about her new family and there new friendship. Everyone seems to grow with each lesson learned.

Sophia learns magic at magic school. This could be a major flaw in the story because the castle already has a wizard. I am not sure why the wizard is needed if their is school so close.

She also knows that she needs the help of her friends to keep her amulet from turning evil. This will not happen because there are three faeries from Sleeping Beauty there if something really does go wrong. Sophia is just a young member of the family that has little knowledge of how things work at the castle, after all.

image: DChance


She is basically a girl that has never stepped foot into the castle before becoming a princess. Sophia will do everything she can to learn how to care about and learn about her friends. She never judges people and she always seems to have fun with everyone in the castle.

Her character always tries to please everyone. However, she has a since of what is right for her. The other characters seem to fall in-line with what she thinks and learns in the end. She is a very lucky girl that no one in the story is truly evil. I keep thinking that someone like her will be taken advantage of by an evil character.

Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends
Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends

Her animals talk, too.

Sophia is only 10 inches tall. She has over 30 things to stay to her friends, when you bring them close to the amulet on her neck. There is a sensor in each animal.

The robin does not seem to be that well made. You may need some glue later on.

This one does work.

Disney Junior Sofia the First Party Supplies Pack Including Plates, Cups and Napkins - 8 Guests
Disney Junior Sofia the First Party Supplies Pack Including Plates, Cups and Napkins - 8 Guests

A Sophia party seems to be more popular with the Disney princess fan. This is only for 8 guest, though.


Watch A Sofia The First Song

This video shows you the different personalities of Sophia and Amber.

In this one, Amber gets the wrong cookies and wants different ones. Sophia does not want to do anything about the cookies but Amber is use the having people do what she wants all the time. Amber is a princess ... after all. Sophia has only been one for a little while.

Secondary Charecters

The king has children from his first marriage. This is Disney ... so I am guessing that she died. That is never talked about in the the show.

The two children happen to be a boy and a girl. They both grew up in the castle, a royalty their entire lives.

Girl: Amber. Amber was her fathers little girl. Now, there is another girl in kingdom. Amber is not sure if Sophia will fit in with the other in the castle. I am not sure if she is jealous of Sophia or only is confused by the way Sophia acts inside the castle.

Boy: James. He does not know what to think about her at first. He wants to play with her, though. I think he sees her as any other kid in the castle. He takes sort of a relaxed view of Sophia being in the castle. Often, he has to correct his actions because of Sophia's personality.

Which secondary character do you like better?

Prince Charming or More King Charming

The idea of a man that takes care of a woman has always been present in the fairy tale. The man has it all. By the end of the show, he marries the woman, so that she can have it all, too.

Most of the time, the prince has always been living in a castle. He knows only the castle life but wants to marry for love. His life is complete except for one thing, he has no princess.

The prince goes searching for a woman. This woman is often nearly impossible to fine. Everyone, he meets is not good enough. In fact, he would not spot the woman that he will later love at first sight when he sees her the first time. He only notices that she stands out in the crowd.

The prince charming figure in Sophia the first marries Sophia's mom. Then, she goes back to the shop where she work and collects Sophia.

The idea that the woman that the prince marries has kids that are not his from sometime before looks newer then the old stories about princes. There are some strange ones. He does not care about her having kids before he met her. He already has kids, too.

The prince in the story is not a prince but a king. He has a kingdom to run. So, Sophia's mother becomes a queen after a ball. Sophia does not go to that ball.

He takes on the roll of the wicked stepmother but he is not wicked or a stepmother. His kids are not wicked but only use to living at the castle. However, they do feel bad if they hurt her feelings. The king also makes sure to spend a small amount of time with his step daughter ... even when he does not have the time.

The roll of Prince Charming is going to go to James when he gets older. However, Disney has also let the role go to Sophia, too. Because, she is more of a tom-boy than a princess in her world view. She wants to do what the boys do but does not know how to be delicate like a princess would be at the castle.

It is more likely that a man from the village will marry Sophia after going to a ball. This guy in the future if the Sophia ever ages will hold a title of some sort.

Positive Message

I think that Sophia The First gives out positive messages. She may even be a hero to some young girls.

Also, I like the young male character because he helps out Sophia. He acts as a close friend to Sophia which could make a difference to my young son. I want him to act correctly toward others he meets. Moreover, I want him to still have fun with his friends.


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