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DDO Monster Manual farming and hunting locations

Updated on April 6, 2013

Character and Account deeds

This is an "achievement" system in the Dungeons and Dragons Online game. Completing these deeds allows you to see monster health points, and might also give you a pet or ingame currency.

I have achievements there in quotes, because it's not really one. It's just a brutal grind for most of the rewards. For example, "Kill 3,500 rust monsters". You'll probably run into less than 100 on a journey from levels 1 to 20. The only way to "earn" that achievement is by spending hours and hours entering specific dungeons, running to kill a half dozen, then leaving and resetting it.

Not all of them are that insanity-causing to complete though. Below I've written more about the system, what monsters are in each book volume, and the best farming locations (that I know of) for the creature types with rewards. Some have respawn locations that can easily be farmed. I'm not a fan of the achievement requirements at all, but I do like the extra lore it provides and knowing just how many kobolds I've killed on my journey from Korthos Island to the Plane of Shavarath.

The "real" monster manuals provide a lot more information about the creature types, and are pretty darn interesting to flip through for lore and pictures. I have a couple myself, but they won't help you much in the DDO game.

The next few are automated ebay auctions. Might be one available dirt cheap!

Monster Manual contents

  • Korthos (Free)

    Human, Rat, Sahuagin, Skeleton, Spider.

  • Volume 1 (Free to Premium accounts)

    Bat, Bugbear, Halfling, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Rust Monster, Scorpion, Troglodyte, Troll, Zombie.

  • Volume 2

    Earth Elemental, Elf, Gargoyle, Ghoul, Mephit, Minotaur, Ooze, Warforged, Wolf, Wraith.

  • Volume 3

    Beholder, Dwarf, Fiendish Lion, Flesh Golem, Fire Elemental, Ghast, Hezrou, Hill Giant, Orthon, Rakshasa.

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Monster checklists

Several websites have databases with most monsters listed. Here's a few, but they aren't perfect. They'll help you fill out all of the hunter deeds for every monster type. Warning: Big Spoilers! I find the "hunting" aspect to be the best part of the Monster Manual.

Farming locations

Most of these creatures offer no reward for killing many of them, so there isn't really a point. The following reward a creature companion for finishing their final exterminator deed. I don't actually suggest farming monsters though! It will take far, far too long and bore you out of your mind.

But... if you're going to do it anyway... might as well be at the most time-efficient spots.

  • Blue Fire Elemental creature companion

    Check back in the future.

  • Chaos Beholdering creature companion

    Check back in the future.

  • Fruit Bat creature companion

    An endless stream of bats spawn in the Coalescence Chamber dungeon. Complete it until you reach the Gelatinous Cube, but don't kill it. Wear items equipped with damaging guard abilities and leave your computer for awhile. You can also stand near the cube. It will consume any of bats that fly near it. You can also farm it at the same time as Earth Elementals and Rust Monsters below.

  • Forest Spiderling creature companion

    Arachnophobia in the Harbor. You'll have to repeat it many, many times if you want to farm it. A big chunk of this one can be earned through regular gameplay. Lots of spiders spawn in the Caught in the Web raid, Ring of Fire challenge, Grove of the Great Tree challenge, Spinner of Shadows, and the Vale of Twilight - just to name a few.

  • Gray-tipped Rust Monster creature companion

    See Earth Elemental below. Rust monsters randomly spawn in the pit. You can also use the Gwylyn's Stand dungeon. There's around eight if you run straight into the cave and across the mushrooms. Unfortunately, you'll also have to wait through the quest giver's lengthy teleport animation twice every single time if you reset it.

  • Obsidian Earth Elemental creature companion

    Rainbow in the Dark. Kill the first few monsters and drop into the pit. Recall on the other side. Don't bother climbing up to farm the Elder Beholder as well. There's only one, he's not worth the run.

  • Violet Wraith creature companion

    Not worth it, at all. Don't even try. Pretend it doesn't exist.

One last time... I seriously do not recommend farming them. Only one person actually has completed all of these that I'm aware of. He never wanted to step into DDO's Rainbow in the Dark dungeon again.

Feel free to mention any better Monster Manual farming locations that you know of.

Do you think these rewards are too difficult to get?


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    • profile image

      Casmarius 3 years ago


      You can farm halflings in Purge the Heretics (f2p quest in house P) getting around 22-26 per run. Runs take around 3-5 minutes when you annihilate hordes of them at high level. Pop in, blitz through the low level halflings, pop out. Reset, rinse, repeat.


      Scorpions are best farmed in Diplomatic Impunity. On Elite, around 25-27 of them spawn from the bushes just inside the quest. You can pop in, slay them by the dozen, and pop out to reset and repeat. 15-20 minutes of this will net you several hundred scorpion kills easily.

      On the whole, getting the account reward to view monster HP is sweet, but takes WAY too much effort. Not worth it at all. The monster manual achievements feel like the last refuge of the truly bored DDO player, probably one who has TRed their toon ad nauseum.

    • profile image

      anonymous 3 years ago

      Fire elementals is taming the flames you can farm them out in the key about 1 loop a min

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      the best farming location for earth elementals is lord of eyes in the earth elemental room three earth elementals with a five second respawn