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Dead Space 3 Chapter 8 Tau Volantis

Updated on February 14, 2013

Dead Space 3 Chapter 8 Off the Grid

In Dead Space 3, Isaac and team crash land on Tau Volantis. However, Isaac is separated from the rest of the crew and must make his way through the icy wastelands of the planet to find his crew. Isaac not only has to battle necromorphs and a foreign terrain, but his helmet has also been damaged and so he has to battle the icy temperatures of Tau Volantis. This is chapter 8 of Dead Space 3 Off the Grid. This will guide the hero on how to find and follow the heated spots and flares along the way to finding his crew before the freezing conditions of Tau Volantis takes him down.

Dead Space 3 Find the Survivors

Dead Space 3 find the survivors by following the fires and lit flare sticks to the cabins and heated spot. The first cabin is up beyond this ladder.
Dead Space 3 find the survivors by following the fires and lit flare sticks to the cabins and heated spot. The first cabin is up beyond this ladder.

Dead Space 3 Find the Survivors

The first step to finding the survivors is to follow the fires from the crash wreckage along the wastelands of Tau Volantis. The fires should take the hero down a path from one blaze to the other until he reaches the wreckage of the Crozier’s cockpit. Here he digs out a body and is relieved to find it is not Ellie. Come out of the ship and start following lit flare sticks on the ground.

At some stage, whilst following the flares, Isaac will be hurled away by some necromorph to some ancient S.C.A.F structures. When Isaac lands, keep following the lit flare sticks and eventually reach a ladder.

Climb the ladder and follow the corridor to a cabin. Open the cabin door and get inside before the hero’s core body temperature drops to 0. Find an engine and use kinesis to rotate the starter until the engine kicks in. This will raise the temperature in the cabin to body temperature.

There will be a construction bench here which Isaac can use to make some new weapons suitable for the monsters of Tau Volantis.

Exit the cabin through the other door and use an open elevator to descend into a cylindrical corridor. After picking up the upgrade circuit here, the corridor will be blocked and will slide down, dumping Isaac onto ground level.

Follow the icy paths to a locked S.C.A.F. facility. This can be unlocked later. Necromorphs will erupt at this stage to attack Isaac. Defeat them and look for the second cabin before Isaac's temperature drops to 0.

Dead Space 3 Chapter 8 Tau Volantis

Dead Space 3 second cabin on Tau Volantis
Dead Space 3 second cabin on Tau Volantis

The second cabin is easily recognizable because more necromorphs will attack Isaac before he enters. There will be some yeti like necromorphs here. They can be destroyed just the same way. Attack them with the hero’s best weapons. Within the cabin, use kinesis to activate the engine that will turn the heat up. Leave only when Isaac's body temperature reaches 37 degrees celsius.

Now leave the cabin through the other exit and continue on your way through Tau Volantis. More necromorphs will emerge from the ground to attack the hero. Defeat them all. If this takes too long and the hero’s temperature starts getting too low, head back into the cabin above and allow the temperature to rise again.

Dead Space 3 Find A Suit Kiosk

The landscape past this second cabin is mostly brown and barren rather than snow covered. Nevertheless, follow the lit flare sticks until Isaac arrives at a pair of S.C.A.F. airlock doors. Defeat more necromorphs outside and move inside to find an almost frozen Buckle. Buckle tells the hero that the crew is alive. Buckle also informs him that there may be a suit kiosk somewhere in the lower levels, and then Buckle dies.

This will start Chapter 9 Onward.

To find a suit kiosk, first the hero must unlock the lift that will take him down to the lower levels. This is done by going around the room where Isaac found Buckle. There will be another room where the weapons bench will be located. There will be circular lever gears in here. Use kinesis to pick one up and go back to the room where Buckle was found. Now put the circular level gear into the second chain in the mechanism beside the lift. The lift will be unlocked. Use it to go downstairs.

The way in the lower levels is quite linear. Defeat some human like zombie necromorphs. And then the hero needs to find a room where he has to activate two pumps. The pumps are activated by aligning two sets of wheels. The two sets of wheels should look like this when they are ready.

Dead Space 3 Find Suit Kiosk

Dead Space 3 find suit kiosk by activating the first pump (left picture) and right pump (second picture)
Dead Space 3 find suit kiosk by activating the first pump (left picture) and right pump (second picture)

Each time the wheels are activated, those zombie necromorphs will come out and attack Isaac. Defeat them and then wait for the spiked pump to retract. Now run to the other room when the pumps are retracted. For the second pump, the hero needs to use stasis on the pump before running, as it will be moving too fast. Move into the room beyond the second pump and then continue until the hero finds the suit kiosk. Change into the arctic suit and then head out of this S.C.A.F facility.

Move out into the snowstorm and continue onwards to finding your crew. Isaac will eventually move onto a crane that will begin to fall into the snow below. Follow the buttons on screen and then move out of the crane onto the other side. Once safely on the other side, the hero should continue making his way until he reaches the large S.C.A.F facility.

Isaac spots Carver on the standing of the facility. There is a weapons bench in a room on the ground level which the hero should go into before trying to meet up with Carver. However, as the hero uses the lift, an extra large necromorph crushes the standing and attacks Isaac.


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