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Dead Space 3 Craft Weapon

Updated on February 10, 2013

Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting

The new weapon is crafted, but can it defeat the hordes of necromorphs?
The new weapon is crafted, but can it defeat the hordes of necromorphs?

Dead Space 3 Craft Weapon

In Dead Space 3, Isaac is given a powerful tool – the ability to craft his own weapon or weapons for use against the hordes of necromorphs that infest the planet Tau Volantis. This will guide the hero as he attempts to craft the most powerful and most speedy weapon to use against the pesky and stealthy undead in Dead Space 3 which spring out of the dark corners to attack Isaac.

Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting Bench

First, Isaac needs to find a weapon crafting bench. This weapon crafting bench will be first available in Chapter 3. Now activate the bench and then use the craft weapon tab to create a new weapon.

The first step will be to craft a new frame. A new frame will support an upper tool and a lower tool. If Isaac does not have a frame to craft from at the beginning, dismantle one of his weapons to get a new frame.

The second step will be to craft new tools. For the upper tool, this part will determine how missiles or energy is projected from the upper tool.

As an example, let’s head to the safe (5th button on the weapon crafting bench button tabs) and look for the line cutter, the submachine gun and any relatively useless one tool only weapon that Isaac has. Dismantle these weapons.

Note that the limited edition of dead space 3 will contain the two weapons

  • heavy elite evangelizer carbine with evangelizer shotgun
  • heavy elite negotiator tesla beam with negotiator line gun

And these will be available from the safe.

Craft Your New Weapon

Once the weapons are dismantled, one will have the frame needed above. So select a frame, let’s say the heavy standard frame that will allow two circuits to be fitted to it. Next, craft a new tool. There will be an upper tool and a lower tool. These tools will determine the damage, reload speed, amount of clips and speed of firing of the new weapons. Let’s select the plasma core (allows for firing of ionized plasma fuel) for the upper tool, and the tesla core (allows for firing of high current electric welding). This will bring the hero to the main weapon crafting screen.

Dead Space 3 Craft Weapon

Dead Space 3 Craft Weapon
Dead Space 3 Craft Weapon

At this point, the hero can modify the weapon as he sees fit. There will be other components that the hero can attach to the weapon, and these include –

  • The upper tool tip (modifies the way the upper tool is fired)
  • The lower tool tip (modifies the way the lower tool is fired)
  • Attachment 1 (adds special abilities to the weapon)
  • Attachment 2 (adds more special abilities to the weapon)
  • Upgrade circuits (these can increase the various modules – damage, reload, clips and speed of firing of the weapon)

Once the weapon is created, the hero can create a blueprint of the weapon for future use. Similarly he can get blueprints of new weapons to create or get them from downloadable contents.

New Weapons Blueprints

New weapons can be created from blueprints. Simply get enough resources –

  • Tungsten
  • Semiconductor
  • Scrap metal

to construct the new weapon.

Use the weapons bench to craft other items such as ammo clips, med packs, stasis packs and tungsten torque bar.

Now, it’s time to test your new weapon(s) against the necromorphs. Who’s first?


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