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Dead Space 3 Defeat the Giant Necromorph

Updated on February 15, 2013

Dead Space 3 Defeat the Necromorph

Dead Space 3 defeat the necromorph by destroying the flashing bulbs in the tentacles
Dead Space 3 defeat the necromorph by destroying the flashing bulbs in the tentacles

Dead Space 3 Defeat the Giant Insect Necromorph

In Dead Space 3, the hero will arrive at the large S.C.A.F facility and excavation site. Isaac’s intention is to find his crew and especially his ex-girlfriend here. However, all he finds is a giant insect necromorph waiting to devour him. This will guide the hero on how to use his favourite crafted weapon and items and various other techniques to defeat the giant necromorph.

Dead Space 3 Bring the Right Weapons and Items to Defeat the Giant Necromorph

Before attempting to venture up to the stands to meet with Carver, go into the room with the construction bench and ensure that the hero brings the correct weapons and has crafted or has enough items to bring along to ensure a victory against the giant necromorph. The items to bring along are –

  • lots of health packs
  • lots and lots of stasis packs
  • and for this particular hero, the heavy shotgun with grenade launcher

And then come out of the room and wave to Carver. This will set up the scene where the giant necromorph will come out and attack Isaac.

Dead Space 3 Tactics to Defeat the Giant Necromorph

The tactics used by the giant necromorph are pretty standard compared to the “normal” necromorph – use sharp claws and spear like legs to impale Isaac.

So Isaac needs to repel the giant necromorph and make sure this does not happen. To do this, Isaac has to use a shotgun or grenade launcher to fling the necromorph backwards. Luckily, Isaac has these two weapons, all crafted into one heavy weapon. However, the key to defeating the giant necromorph once and for all is to attack the flashing bulbs in its tentacles. The tentacles will move too fast for Isaac to target. So use stasis packs to freeze the necromorph and then attack the flashing bulbs in the tentacles.

Once the tentacles at the back are destroyed, the giant necromorph will switch its flashing bulbs to the front and then to its mouth. The tactics remain the same – use stasis and take aim at the bulbs when they are slower.

Once in a while, the giant necromorph will seize the opportunity and lunge at Isaac. Isaac will be knocked to the ground and will be hurt. Use the healing packs to heal up and then resume attack on the giant necromorph. Using the above tactics, the giant necromorph will be defeated. The hero will need lots and lots of health packs and stasis packs though, so do not go into the battle without these items.

Once the giant necromorph runs away, go reunite with the crew.


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