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Dead Space 3 Reach the Command Saucer in CMS Roanoke

Updated on February 11, 2013

Dead Space 3 Reach the Command Saucer in CMS Roanoke in Chapter 3

In Dead Space 3, the hero Isaac will enter the C.M.S Roanoke in search of the engine that will jump start the ancient ship and make the air within the ship breathable. This is Chapter 3 of Dead Space 3. This will guide the hero as he battles the necromorphs to reach the command saucer and jump start the engine with kinetics.

Dead Space 3 Battle the Necromophs in CMS Roanoke

Use a good weapon to clear the necromorphs in the corridors and command saucer of the CMS Roanoke.
Use a good weapon to clear the necromorphs in the corridors and command saucer of the CMS Roanoke.

Dead Space 3 Battle the Necromorphs within the CMS Roanoke

From the room with the Eudora crate, climb the ladder here to reach some loot crates. Then climb down and open the first door and head inside.

In the next room, Isaac will see some batteries powered by cells. One of the batteries lacks a cell, so use kinetics to move a cell into the battery slot. Once the battery is powered, the weapons bench will be powered up. Use it to manufacture some new weapons.

In the limited edition of the Dead Space 3 game, the hero will have the two weapons in the safe within the weapons bench.

  • heavy elite evangelizer carbine with evangelizer shotgun
  • heavy elite negotiator tesla beam with negotiator line gun

Open the next set of airlock doors and stride through. Isaac will encounter the first necromorphs within the CMS Roanoke. Use the above weapons to defeat them. The Evangelizer weapon will allow rapid firing of the weapon on top for enemies fast approaching the hero. Then when the enemy is next to the hero or is close by, use the lower shotgun to tear a hole through the enemy.

The other weapon is the Negotiator. Use the top weapon to unleash a nasty bolt of electricity to fry the enemy. This weapon is suitable for long range. The lower weapon is used as a plasma cutter to sever the limbs of the necromorph.

Defeat the necromorphs and reach the command saucer.

Dead Space 3 Command Saucer CMS Roanoke

Within the Command Saucer in CMS Roanoke, there will be three engine turbines to restart. There will be no necromorphs initially in the commander saucer. Head to the first engine turbine and use kinetics to push the engine cylinder down. Then use kinetics to rotate the engine turbine. Once the first engine turbine is turned up, the necromorphs will appear. Arm the hero with the weapons above and start hitting out at them. Once they are gone, turn on the second turbine. Like clockwork, after the second turbine is turned on, the necromorphs will come on again. After the third turbine is turned on, two new necromorphs will attach themselves to the walls and start pelting projectiles at the hero. Use the E weapon to take them down.

Finally, with the third engine turned on and the enemies defeated, the hero will be able to restart the engine and speak to the support crew in Dead Space 3.

Then it's time to find the Admiral's quarters.


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