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Deus Ex Human Revolution Data Core Room and Levels

Updated on September 13, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Data Core Room Mission

Deus Ex Human Revolution Data Core Room - Getting there and past the laser lights
Deus Ex Human Revolution Data Core Room - Getting there and past the laser lights

Deus Ex Human Revolution Data Core Room

In Deus Ex Human Revolution, Jensen has to enter the data core room in Tai Yong Medical (TYM) to retrieve the data which will shed light on why TYM recruited mercenaries to attack Sarif Industries. To retrieve the data from the data core room, Jensen must enter the Upper Levels of Tai Yong Medical and make his way to the data core room and then somehow pass the laser lights into the actual data core room itself.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Tai Yong Medical Upper Levels

In deus ex human revolution, Jensen must infiltrate the TYM upper levels. To do so, when coming out of the elevators from the TYM lower levels, head to the right and hack past a security code (level 4) and enter the room. There is a P.E.P.S (pulse energy projection system) which is a weapon which can take out multiple enemies by rendering them unconscious. Pick this up and head to the wall to switch off the electricity. This will allow the electricity on the floor to be switched off, and Jensen can enter the next room.

In the next room, the key is to reach a tall ladder on the upper reaches of the room (look up). To do this, jump onto the crates on the left and use more crates to reach the next level. Jump to the next level, and then walk and climb onto the ladder to reach the elevator. Use this elevator to reach the TYM upper levels.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting a Lee Geng Card

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting a Lee Geng Card
Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting a Lee Geng Card

Deus Ex Human Revolution TYM Upper Levels Getting the Lee Geng Card

Once at the TYM upper levels, the next stage is to find a Lee Geng Card so that one can enter the Lee Geng Labs. To do this, follow the corridor past the first turn. Head into the next turn on the left and turn to the left again into a room. Spot two small crates hiding a crawlway or shaft. You know what to do. Jump onto the next level until you reach the crates, take away the crates and move into the crawlway. Emerge at the next room. Remember to keep a low crouch so that the guard outside will not spot Jensen. On the table is the Lee Geng Card. Grab that and head out the way Jensen came in. Then head into the main corridor and use the Lee Geng Card to enter the lab.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Compilation.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting into the Data Core Room

The next stage is fairly easy at the beginning. Just head from the Lee Geng lab up and enter a corridor that will lead eventually to the main entrance of the data core room. Naturally this main entrance is guarded. The guard will not allow Jensen entry. Head past the guard down the corridor to almost the end where there is a laser barrier and a guard patrolling just beyond that. Hack the security panel to disable the laser beams. Then hide under cover and take down the patrolling guard. Head down this corridor to two guards, one patrolling the far end of the corridor, and the other guarding a corridor the left. It is suggested Jensen bypass the outer guard and then hide and take out the guard on the inside corridor. This guard will have the pass to open the data core room back door - 0703. Enter the code to enter the data core room exterior.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting Past the Laser Lights

In deus ex human revolution, once in the data core room exterior, Jensen must get past the laser lights. This is actually really easy if Jensen has the cloak ability, because the laser lights will shoot right past the invisible Jensen. Or you can use stealth and study the laser lights and then move like a master thief. The pattern should be - hide behind the first crate, then move on the left to the second crate, then move to the third crate just when the laser light hits the third crate. Then move to the second section of the laser light challenge. Jensen can try to outmaneuver the lights, but it is recommended just to use cloak and go past the second laser light challenge, because it is really challenging.

Once past the laser lights, head underneath the camera light, and enter the elevator. Once out of the elevator, Jensen is in the data core room.

Time for some major surprises in the deus ex human revolution storyline as a suspenseful cinematic starts.........

Following the cinematics, infiltrate the TYM CEO penthouse and begin the final part of the mission and showdown with TYM CEO Zhao Yun Ru.


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