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Deus Ex Human Revolution Infiltrating Derelict Row

Updated on September 9, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Infiltrating Derelict Row

In deus ex human revolution, infiltrating the derelict row and the DRB gang mission becomes available after Jensen brings the neural data implant back to his Chiron building apartment, and the Sarif Industries Group learn the location of the antenna projecting the hacker signal. To infiltrate the derelict row, head downstairs from the Chiron apartment and use the map to locate the derelict row. Jensen finds out that his way is blocked by some DRB guards. There are some options to get in. Let's try the highroad this time.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Using the Fourth Storey Building Derelict Row

Turn around and head left to the fourth storey building alley where a ladder is projecting downwards and beckoning Jensen to head up the ladder. Climb up the ladder and head into the building, emerging on the roof top. On first glance, it would appear there is no way to jump across to the broken down wall on the other building. That is not true. When facing the wall, turn left and see a narrow metal hedge on the side of the wall linking the two buildings. It looks narrow, but can take Jensen across. There are then two metal barrels on the other building. Using precise agility, jump from one barrel to the other. Do not jump off the last barrel. Instead focus on the rail stairs below and jump down. Then head up the stairwell until Jensen reaches the broken wall in the building. Go around the corridor to reach a crack in the wall. Use the strong arm branch in the augmentation pathway and click on the "destroy wall" button. Then break down the wall, which will take down one of the guards, and use firepower to overcome the other.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Compilation.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Descending into Safety from the Fourth Storey

To descend into safety from the fourth storey once the guards are defeated, head towards a small alcove on the left side of the corridor when Jensen first broke down the wall. From here one can either land gracefully to the bottom using the "Land Graceful" augmentation pathway. Or the more difficult path will be descending using the metal shaft. This will require Jensen to go down one level at a time to the next metal shaft. Remember to save before going down into the next level, as one could miss and fall to the end of Jensen. Once at the bottom, just move around the corridor until one reaches the door and head out into the next compound.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Reaching the Derelict Row Antenna

The next few stages to get to the deus ex human revolution derelict row antenna should be quite easy, being a combination of stealth and taking down guards from the back if one is using the stealth approach. Occasionally one may need to use the cloak augmentation to help reach cover before the guards take around. Using this approach, reach the X on the radar to the bottom left of the screen. Eventually the derelict row mission will take Jensen to the antenna, which will be quite obvious from the screen. Hack into the antenna using the normal way or using a Nuke virus software, and then proceed to your rendezvous with the helicopter for the next stage of the Deus Ex Human Revolution series of missions - tracking down the hacker.

Next stage - FEMA facility and showdown with the augment enemy "the Bull" Lawrence Barrett.

Deus Ex Human Revolution


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