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Deus Ex Human Revolution Picus Sub-Basement

Updated on September 17, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Data Storage Room 802-11

Deus Ex Human Revolution Data Storage Room 802-11 and finding the Truth
Deus Ex Human Revolution Data Storage Room 802-11 and finding the Truth

Deus Ex Human Revolution Picus Sub-basement

In deus ex human revolution, Jensen makes his way down the funicular and into the picus sub-basement. After emerging into the picus sub-basement, the room that Jensen finds himself in in the picus sub-basement is rather challenging in terms of getting out. Quickly hide behind some crates in front of Jensen and notice that two guards are walking down the corridor into the room. They will start talking, and one of the guards will leave, and the other will patrol the room. Notice that there is a camera on the right hand side of the room. When the camera and the guard is turned away, sneak and take down the guard, and quickly pull his body beyond the stare of the camera.

There are then two options from this room - either smash your way through a wall on the left side of the room (when Jensen comes in) or hack the security console. Jensen has to do this fast, because of the camera in the room. The suggested option is to smash through the wall on the far side and move into the next part of the picus sub-basement level.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Getting into Data Storage Room 802-11

In deus ex human revolution, once in the next stage of the picus sub-basement, Jensen has many options to finish this mission to find data storage room 802-11. The following way is suggested. First take out the guard guarding the corridor (the other guard that came into the room from above). Next head into a room to the right of the corridor with the laser security and take down a guard. Beyond this room on the far side is a door that will lead upstairs to an armory. If Jensen is low on ammo, this is the place to stock up. There is a guard and a security camera near this door. Wait for the guard to climb the stairs and then duck the camera rays and head out and take the guard down. Then head to the armory and retrieve some much needed weapons and ammo.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Compilation.

In deus ex human revolution, to get to data storage room 802-11, Jensen must pass through a room with some guards and cameras. Jensen could take down all the guards, but it is suggested just to sneak past them. The way to do this is diagonal through the openings in the desks straight down the aisles and into the next room. There is a guard here. Devise some ways to take down the guard without alerting the camera and the other guards. Once through this guard, the third and final phase of getting into data storage room 802-11 beckons.

In deus ex human revolution, Jensen now enters a corridor with a heavily armed guard to the left. Hide behind the wall, and when the guard is just at the corner of the wall, take him down and hide his body beyond the camera's stare. To avoid this camera, head into the left room where the guard was and use a crawlway to head into the next room. Open the door, cloak and head diagonally left down a new corridor. Then enter a room with two new guards and a camera. Either devise a way to take down the two guards, or head to the left sneakily and into a room with a weakened wall. Smash through this and Jensen is almost on his way to data storage room 802-11. Finally the showdown with Eliza Cassan and the truth behind the Sarif Industries attack.


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