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Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough

Updated on September 20, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution - Human Augmentation Begins

Deus Ex Human Revolution - Human Augmentation Begins
Deus Ex Human Revolution - Human Augmentation Begins

Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough

Deus Ex Human Revolution walkthrough begins here.

The year is 2027. Human augmentations have become more and more prevalent, and riots are taking place all over major cities with fear of cybornetic implants and eventually cybornetic organisms taking over the natural human way of life.

Deus Ex Human Revolution walkthrough starts smack in the middle of this setting. The hero of the story, Adam Jensen, starts the deus ex human revolution walkthrough by talking to his protectee - Dr Megan Reed about her plans to head to Washington and talk about her keystone discovery which will enable the nanotechnology of human augmentation to accelerate and make it possible and available for almost everyone. This sort of knowledge is always dangerous, as Dr Reed will know later in the first stage of the Deus Ex Human Revolution walkthrough.

Jensen follows Reed through the office and downstairs into the lab, and from there into the lift, talking about her anxieties and aspirations. It appears that Jensen and Reed have more than a professional relationship. During the lift journey down to Sarif's office, Jensen is interrupted by a computer specialist Frank Pritchard, who comments something about plugging a firewall as opposed to fixing it. Jensen then enters Sarif's office, and the action begins when their conversation is again interrupted by an alarm. There has been a security breech in Sarif industries.

Deus Ex Human Revolution First Stage - Sarif Industries

The first stage of the deus ex human revolution walkthrough truly starts with Jensen entering the code into the door - "0451".

The lift takes Jensen to a flaming Sarif Industries. Looks like someone is attacking Sarif Industries for obvious reasons. Jensen at this stage is just a normal human being. So arm Jensen with a weapon and move on. The first stage of the game is pretty basic, teaching the gamer the movement keys (pretty obvious), C for crouching if one is playing Deus Ex Revolution on a PC. Left click on the mouse fires. Right Click allows for cover and creeping along the cover or space for cover to cover. E is for action, including moving things. And space alone during moving is jump.

The real action of Deus Ex Human Revolution starts with Jensen being the target of two armed men attacking Sarif Industries. Hide behind cover, and then aim for the men using the laser beam. Break cover and fire, and then return to cover. This will take care of the two men and other similar men along the way to Dr Reed. At one point, when opening the door, be careful of the men behind the door. Shoot as soon as the door opens, or take cover first.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Compilation.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Stage 1 End - the Beginning of Adam Jensen

Jensen will head down eventually to the lab along a flight of stairs. There will be some guards here, which can be quite easily taken care of by hiding behind the stairway and then breaking cover to fire. Then head into the laboratory room to find Dr Reed inside.

As Jensen enter the room, he is surprised by an armed man with robotic augmentations, naturally. Jensen is thrown across the room, and then attacked repeatedly until he almost loses consciousness. As he loses consciousness, he sees Dr Reed being hit and apparently taken captive by these augments. The lead augment then puts a bullet through Jensen.

The next scene is truly emergency medical stuff of the future, where Jensen is operated on, and given nanotechnology augmentation himself. This is the beginning of the real Adam Jensen as he is reborn.

6 months later.........

Deus Ex Human Revolution Trailer


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