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Diablo 3 Defeat Azmodan the Lord of Sin

Updated on June 14, 2012

Diablo 3 Defeat Azmodan the Lord of Sin

In Diablo 3, Azmodan the Lord of Sin awaits the hero at the Core of the Arreat Crater and below the cursed tower. Azmodan Lord of Sin is difficult to defeat because he has a lot of health points, can summon minions to wreak havoc on the tactics of the hero and his follower and has a lot of damaging attacks that will take the hero's health from full to zero in one shot. This will guide the hero in devising tactics to defeat Azmodan.

Diablo 3 Defeat Azmodan the Lord of Sin

Diablo 3 Use Wizard Skills and Tactics to Defeat Azmodan the Lord of Sin
Diablo 3 Use Wizard Skills and Tactics to Defeat Azmodan the Lord of Sin

Diablo 3 Azmodan's Abilities to Defeat the Hero

Azmodan. being the Lord of Sin, has many abilities which the hero must avoid to prevent an early demise -

  • Slow Massive Fireball - this one fireball will be fired at the hero, and then will track the hero as he runs to avoid the fireball. Avoiding the fireball is a must, because being hit often means instant death for the hero. The one saving grace is the slowness at which the fireball moves. It is so slow that this fireball is almost always avoidable. What is frequently unavoidable is the hero's tendency to stray into other attacks and Azmodan's minions as he tries to avoid the slow massive fireball.
  • Arc Fire Attack - this attack will take the form of an arc that sprays from Azmodan and follows a semicircle light arc on the hero. Whilst this attack is easy to avoid, ir does prevent the hero from being close to Azmodan to launch melee attacks.
  • Summon Minions - Azmodan can summon minions to surround the hero and cut off his escape routes whilst using his other attacks to damage the hero.
  • Pool of Hell Attack - This could be the most problematic of all of Azmodan's attacks when combined with the above attacks. Essentially, this attack means Azmodan launches deep pools of blackness which gradually expand and coalesce with other pools. This becomes a massive area attack spell. When the hero is trapped within the pools, or tries to outrun Azmodan's other attacks but become trapped within or in between the expending pools, he takes damage and his health decreases continuously. The hero will be defeated before he can run out of the pool.

Diablo 3 Wizard Skills and Tactics to Defeat Azmodan

There are various wizard skills and tactics which can be used to defeat Azmodan. However, a few features are constant no matter what wizard skills and tactics the hero uses to defeat Azmodan. These include having a lot of greater health potions, alternating between using health potions and health orbs and picking the right time to use certain skills.

The wizard hero has decided to go into the battle against Azmodan with the following skills -

  • Spectral Blades with Impactful Blades Rune - this allows the hero to attack Azmodan at close range with attack moves that do not use arcane energy. Because Azmodan has so many ranged attacks and dangerous area attacks, it is wise to attack Azmodan from range and use Spectral Blades only when opportunity arises for the hero to be close Azmodan.
  • Disintegrate - the hero should combine this with the chaos nexus rune and use this as the main attack against Azmodan. Fire off this attack at Azmodan, and when his attacks arrive, dodge and run away and then repeat this move again. This will allow the hero to survive longer, quench more health potions and come back to attack Azmodan again. The chaos nexus rune will allow the disintegrate beam to scatter and hit the minions when the main beam is attacking Azmodan.
  • Frost Armor - the hero needs frost armor and its chance ability to freeze enemies periodically. This will provide the split second the hero needs and the difference between survival and demise in many occasions.
  • Diamond Skin - this is the most essential of all the skills. Not only does the hero need to have this skill, he must activate this only at the right time, preferentially when the hero is down to his lowest health points or when the pools of hell are expanding and there is no way to escape. Do not randomly activate this skill, as the cooldown time needed to relaunch this skill may be the difference between life and death for the hero at the crucial moment. The passive skill Evocation may help decrease the cooldown time for Diamond Skin.

Archon Form - this is an almost totally offensive skill (obtained at level 30) and is suited for a full assault at the start of the fight and towards the end when Azmodan's health is nearly gone. This changes the wizard hero into archon form and changes the offensive forms of the wizard's signature spell and disintegrate spell. The archon form can unleash large amounts of damage on Azmodan using the archon form damage, the altered wizard's signature spell and the disintegrate spell. However, the hero must be aware of Azmodan's counter attacks and flee promptly when the hero's health is low. Return to "normal wizard form" and use the above skills to defeat Azmodan.

Run around the battlefield and use patience - this is not a wizard skill, but an essential player defensive tactics. Azmodan is the final prime evil and cannot be defeated easily. Run around the battlefield when the hero's defensive skills like Diamond Skin is recooling, or health is low and health potion is not ready to be consumed yet. Use disintegrate or other ranged attacks at tactical locations and not all the time. Dodge Azmodan's attacks and then attack again, rather than attack all the time. With patience defensive moves and tactical guerrilla attacks on Azmodan, the Lord of Sin will be defeated.

Diablo 3 Defeat Azmodan the Lord of Sin


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