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Diablo 3 Defeat Ghom Lord of Gluttony

Updated on June 2, 2012

Diablo 3 Defeat Ghom in the Larder of Bastion's Keep

In Diablo 3, the first boss of Act 3 is Ghom. Ghom is the Lord of Gluttony. He is the lieutenant of Azmodan, and is suitably named as the Lord of Gluttony, as gluttony is one of the seven sins. Ghom is found in the larder. This will guide the hero to use various tactics to defeat Ghom and seal the breach in the depths of Baston's keep.

Diablo 3 Tactics Used by Ghom

Ghom the Lord of Gluttony has several tactics in keeping with his hideous gluttonous nature.

  • Wherever Ghom goes, he will release a repulsive field of poisonous gas, no doubt the result of his gluttony and his monstrous twisted physiology. The hero will do well to avoid this field of poisonous gas.
  • Ghom will spit out some slime like creatures to attack the hero.
  • Ghom will produce some vicious bile like vomit that will damage the hero.

Diablo 3 Tactics to Defeat Ghom

The fight against Ghom is relatively easy. The wizard hero should use a combination of freeze techniques, damage intensive melee attacks and ranged spells. These should be incorporated into the tactics used by the hero to defeat Ghom -

  • Ghom is one huge fat monster, and needs a bit of time to navigate tight corners. These include the pillars that litter the larder of Bastion's Keep. Therefore, the hero should use these pillars to his advantage by running around the pillars. Ghom has no choice but to move slowly but surely around the pillars in pursuit of the hero. This gives the hero extra time and space to launch ranged attacks at Ghom.
  • Plant an arcane hydra around the pillars to throw arcane bolts at Ghom, and then when Ghom is rounding the pillars, strike at him using disintegrate with convergence rune.
  • When Ghom's health is low and the hero is tired of the cat and mouse game, activate diamond skin and ice armor and approach Ghom. Use spectral blades and press this skill continuously, slicing repeatedly through Ghom the Lord of Gluttony. The diamond skin will ensure protection against the attacks of Ghom, the ice armor will freeze Ghom periodically and the spectral blade will eventually defeat him. If the hero needs to run away to heal up, activate mirror image and then run. Ghom will be confused and may attack one of the mirror images.

Using these series of techniques and tactics, Ghom the Lord of Gluttony will be defeated.


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