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Diablo 3 Defeat the Butcher

Updated on May 20, 2012

Diablo 3 Defeat the Butcher

In Diablo 3, the Butcher is the main boss just before the end of act 1. The Butcher fight is aptly placed in the Chamber of Suffering deep below the Halls of Agony level 3. The Butcher is the hardest boss so far, and not just because of the many attack abilities that the Butcher has. The fiery terrain also plays havoc on the wizard hero's health, burning him from side to side as he runs around the room to find the best position to strike at the Butcher. This will guide the level 15 wizard hero and provide tactics to counter the attacking abilities of the Butcher and defeat the Butcher.

Diablo 3 Butcher Abilities and Chamber of Suffering

The butcher has the following attack abilities which make him an offensive juggernaut. The hero would be wise to avoid all these attacks if possible -

  • the ability to smite down at the hero with his mighty cleaver in his right hand, and his scythe in his left hand.
  • the ability to draw the hero to his side with a force draw technique, followed by a mighty cleaver attack or some other butcher like attacks.
  • the ability to unleash a spike spray attack.
  • the ability to throw a horizontal column of fire at the hero.
  • the ability to charge at the hero.

In addition, the terrain of the chamber of suffering will periodically throw up bursts of fire at the hero. If the hero gets hit by the butcher and then flames go up in his grid, it's roasted carcass for the hero.

Diablo 3 Use Level 15 Wizard Abilities to Defeat the Butcher

To counter the offensive abilites of the butcher, the level 15 wizard should have the following skills at his quick disposal -

  • diamond skin – hit this button (1) when the hero is drawn involuntariy close to the butcher, or the grid comes up in flames; all damage is absorbed.
  • wave of force – at level 15, this can be combined with the wave impact rune to create a greater chance of the stun effect; this will buy valuable time when trying to run away to a safe location to heal up when the butcher is stunned.
  • frost armor – this is invaluable; it creates a frosty shield around the hero which will freeze the butcher from time to time. This will again provide the split second needed to run to a safe location and regroup.
  • arcane orb – this can be combined with the obliteration rune to provide the main damaging attack on the butcher from range
  • electrocute – the hero can alternate between the electrocute attack and the arcane orb attack when attacking the butcher from range
  • shock pulse – this ability is used towards the end of the fight with the butcher and is used to draw the butcher towards the hero who can stand beside the two wells of health and alternate between attacking the butcher from range and from up close.

By combining these level 15 wizard skills well, coordinating good moves around the chamber and some patience, the butcher will be defeated.


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