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Diablo 3 Enchantress

Updated on May 22, 2012

Diablo 3 Enchantress

In Diablo 3, the enchantress will appear outside the gates of Caldeum. She will join the hero as the third follower. The enchantress has been in slumber for fifteen hundred years, and has been awakened to help the hero achieve his goals of defeating the final two evil primes left in the mortal world. The enchantress has an exotic look, being of fair skin due to her long slumber and dressed in ancient medieval fashion sense. A absolute must to bring along for act 2 of the diablo 3 game.

Diablo 3 Enchantress

Diablo 3 Enchantress
Diablo 3 Enchantress

Diablo 3 Enchantress Skills

As the diablo 3 third follower, the enchantress has skills which are further more advanced compared to the other two followers. This means that the enchantress has skills which are leveled up later compared to the other followers. Hopefully these skills are also more powerful.

At level 15, the hero can choose the following skills for the enchantress – either

  • Charm – temporary charms an enemy to fight for the hero, or
  • Forceful push – creates an explosion that deals massive damage and knocks back enemies.

At level 20, the enchantress levels up again. Depending on the hero's skills, he may want to choose one of either (to complement his own skills) -

  • Reflect missiles – creates a shield around the enchantress and her allies that reflects projectiles, or
  • Powered armor – increases the armor of the enchantress and her allies and slows attacking enemies.

At level 25, the hero can choose between skills to confuse or area damaging effects. These skills include -

  • Disorient – disorients enemies for a short time.
  • Erosion – blasts a target area, causing enemies to take damage over time.

At level 30, the hero choose between focused mind, which increases the attack speed of the enchantress and her allies, or a curse attack which hexes all nearby enemies.

Diablo 3 Unlock Enchantress Focus

For someone called the enchantress, the enchantress can actually wield some pretty mighty two handed weapons, including two handed clubs and two handed axes. Of course the conservative and traditional hero may want to equip the enchantress with a two handed staff. The fact that the enchantress joins the hero at the beginning of act 2 means the hero has only a few levels to go before the enchantress focus is unlocked at level 18. This allows the enchantress follower to have one more slot to increase her stats and ultimately her damage and her usefulness to the hero.

Diablo 3 Enchantress Focus

Diablo 3 Enchantress Focus
Diablo 3 Enchantress Focus

Now level up the enchantress and bring her to defeat the first mega foe in act 2.


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