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Diablo 3 Find the Demon Gate

Updated on June 6, 2012

Diablo 3 Machines of War Quest

Diablo 3 Destroy the Machines of War - the Ballistae and the Trebuchet
Diablo 3 Destroy the Machines of War - the Ballistae and the Trebuchet

Diablo 3 Find the Demon Gate At the Edge of the Abyss

In Diablo 3, the hero has sealed the opening at the bottom of Bastion's Keep. It is now time to return to Bastion's Keep. On return to Bastion's Keep stronghold, the hero discovers that the angel Tyrael has traveled beyond the Fields of Slaughter to Rakkis Crossing. At the Fields of Slaughter, a titanic battle rages between the forces of good and Azmodan's forces. The forces of Bastion's Keep hope to destroy the demonic ballistae and the trebuchet here to prevent the walls of Bastion's Keep from collapsing due to the continuous bombardment by these hellish structures. The hero continues to Rakkis crossing to speak to Tyrael. The whole team then travels to find the demon gate at the edge of the abyss. This will guide the hero to destroy the demonic ballistae and the trebuchet, followed by a guide to help the hero find the demon gate at the edge of the abyss.

Diablo 3 Machines of War Quest

Before the hero can find the demon gate, he must complete the diablo 3 machines of war quest. This quest is started by talking to Sergeant Pale outside the Arreat Gate. From here, the hero must cross the Bridge of Korsikk and head to the Fields of Slaughter. Although monsters start appearing at the bridge of korsikk, they do not attack with ferocity, recklessness and in overwhelming numbers until the hero reaches the Fields of Slaughter.

Therefore the tactics for the wizard hero is this - use ranged attacks, activate any invulnerable or stun armor that the hero has, run near the pack of monsters to attack them, and then run out of the circle before the hero is completely surrounded. The wizard hero may want to use the defensive skills Teleport or Mirror Image for this stage in the Fields of Slaughter. The purpose here in defeating the monsters is to get close enough to the demonic ballistae and the trebuchet to destroy them. The monsters here include -

  • Blood Clan Spearmen - these will attempt to spear the hero whilst the blood clan warriors surround the hero.
  • Blood Clan Warriors - these will relentlessly surround the hero until he is squashed by their attacks.
  • Hellbringers - these sprout from the ground and attack the hero whilst he tries to run away from the overwhelming attacks delivered by the blood clan fighters above.
  • Heralds of Pestilence - these monsters are cursed with a large arm each and it would look like they would attempt to crowd around the hero and strike him down with their large arms. This is not true; instead these monstrosities smash their arms into the ground, and these attack the hero from ranged. This is a death trap for the wizard hero who has to stand at a spot attacking the enemies from range.
  • Winged Moloks - these land near the hero and throw fireballs at him from their beaks.

The demonic ballistae and trebuchet are scattered around the Fields of Slaughter and are not that hard to find. The difficult part is getting past the countless ranks of monsters to destroy them.

Diablo 3 Find the Demon Gate

Diablo 3 Map to Finding the Demon Gate at the Edge of the Abyss
Diablo 3 Map to Finding the Demon Gate at the Edge of the Abyss

Diablo 3 Find the Demon Gate Beyond Rakkis Crossing

After the demonic ballistae and the trebuchet are destroyed, the hero can head to Rakkis Crossing and speak to Tyrael. Tyrael wants the hero to find the demon gate at the edge of the abyss. Along the way, the hero will encounter more monsters. These include deadier monsters than the ones encountered above -

  • Blood Clan Sorcerors - if the hero thought the blood clan spearmen and the blood clan warriors were collectively difficult to destroy, then the blood clan is almost impossible to defeat without defensive spells when the blood clan sorcerers are added to the mix.
  • Fallen Firemage - The fallen continue to besiege the hero, using fire magic and summoning the fallen soldiers to destroy the hero.

At one point in the find the demon gate mission, the hero will encounter Captain Haile and release a new event upon speaking to him. This new event exemplifies the theme in this part of the diablo 3 game - defeat more and more and more monsters. Within this new event, the hero must hold off countless monsters in a given period of time. And then the hero must defeat the remaining monsters.

Diablo 3 Rakkis Crossing

Diablo 3 Find Rakkis Crossing and Tyrael
Diablo 3 Find Rakkis Crossing and Tyrael

Finally, the hero will arrive at the demon gate at the edge of the abyss. It's time to face the living siege engine of hell and head into Hell itself for a showdown with Azmodan.


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