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Diablo 3 Shattered Crown Quest

Updated on May 19, 2012

Diablo 3 Shattered Crown Quest

Diablo 3 Defeat Mira Eamon to start the Shattered Crown Quest
Diablo 3 Defeat Mira Eamon to start the Shattered Crown Quest

Diablo 3 Shattered Crown Quest

In Diablo 3, the hero will embark on the shattered crown quest to retrieve Leoric's crown from somewhere around New Tristram. The idea is to awaken the skeleton king and defeat it forever. However, the location of the shattered crown is unknown, and the hero must enlist Haedrig Eamon to help find the shattered crown. Haedrig is not at peace to help the hero at this stage, as his wife has been corrupted by the falling star and has become a wretched monster. Help Haedrig defeat the ravenous dead in the cellar of the damned, and then defeat Haedrig's wife. Haedrig will become the hero's blacksmith after his wife is defeated.

Diablo 3 Weeping Hollow and Cemetry of the Forsaken

Open the northwest gate and continue in the search for the shattered crown. The crown lies in the chancellor's altar beneath the cemetery of the forsaken. The cemetery of the forsaken may differ in its location for different games, but for this particular hero, it is located somewhere north north west of the northwestern gate. Defeat monsters including the hungry corpses, wandering corpses, scavengers and ravenous dead on-route to the cemetery of the forsaken.

Once within the cemetery of the forsaken, the hero must find the right defiled crypt to enter. The correct defiled crypt contains the chancellor's altar. However, there are three defiled crypts within which the chancellor's altar could be located. Looking for the right one and clearing the monsters in each of them will take time. For this hero, the defiled crypt on the top left corner of the cemetery is the true crypt.

Diablo 3 Defeat the Chancellor's Spirit in the Chancellor's Chamber

By entering the correct crypt and then descending deeper into the crypt, the hero will encounter some monsters including the tomb guardians and the skeletons they can summon. Defeat these monsters and enter the chancellor's tomb. Defeat more tomb guardians. Take the skeleton king's crown from the chancellor's altar. The spirit of the chancellor will awaken to stop the hero from taking Leoric's crown away. Defeat the chancellor's spirit and return the shattered crown to Haedrig. Haedrig will repair the crown for the hero, allowing the hero the opportunity to place it on the skeleton king and awaken him once again.


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