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What Are The Best Metal Detector Brands?

Updated on January 25, 2016
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Nothing is more fun than finding a treasure that has been hidden under the ground for a long time. Metal detecting is one great fun sport

When Buying A Metal Detector, A Little Knowledge Is A Good Thing

Anyone who has ever done metal detecting can vouch for the fact that a good quality detector will give you better results than a cheap detector.

If you have children or you just want to have some fun at the beach, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get a unit that you can enjoy.

I have found new metal detectors ranging from $200 to $800 that can do a pretty good job for beginners and people who have been detecting for years.

One very important thing to remember is that most of the quality on a unit should be in the electronics and the engineering. Things like a large screen LCD display are really very nice.

The body doesn't have to be titanium or some other exotic metal. A good sturdy body is all that's required unless you are really hard on your detector.

Out of all the brands on the market I have chosen three that I think you could take a serious look at.

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Do Not Under Any Circumstances Go Onto Private Property Without Permission

Teknetics, Garrett and Bounty Hunter

Are The Three Metal Detector Brands I Really Like


The Teknetics people tend to build a unique looking unit, the style is different than the run of the mill detector.

They use metals that are strong but are very light in weight

The units are ergonomically designed to balance correctly and make it easy for you to carry

Teknetics has been in business for over 30 years and their reputation is for quality and great performance


Garrett has been making metal detectors since 1964, a good long time for this type of business

They obtained the first US patent for the use of a computer chip in a metal detector

The electronics allows for deep detecting, a major plus when you are at areas where others have already detected

Some of their battery packs are carried on the hip, thus reducing the weight of the unit

Bounty Hunter

If you are looking for a good low priced starter unit, Bounty Hunter may be the one for you

Even though the prices tend to be lower, the quality is good

If you want a more advanced detector, Bounty Hunter can fix you up with a very high quality unit

The units are low in weight and easy to swing all day

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Key things to remember when buying a metal detector

  • How long has the company been in business
  • How many different models are available. Can you get more sophisticated models as you advance in this hobby
  • How heavy is the detector unit. If you can't carry much weight, look for the battery pack that you carry on your belt.
  • How deep in the soil or sand will the unit pick up objects
  • What type of information is displayed on the unit's LCD screen
  • Can the company supply you with accessories to enhance your detecting experience

Teknetics Metal Detector
Teknetics Metal Detector

You Can Save A Lot Of Money On Teknetics Metal Detectors - When Buying On Amazon

Teknetics metal detectors are a great value for a beginer or an expert. When you look at the electronics that are in the unit, how deep the signal goes into the ground and how easy it is to see the displays. You know that the money spent on one of their units is money well spent.

Keep in mind that this company has been producing metal detectors for many years and have hundreds or thousands of satisfied customers.

When out in the field you want to be confident in your detector selection. Teknetics products are on the top of the heap and you won't go wrong with their products.

Teknetics Metal Detectors Are Top Notch

A Great Place For Metal Detecting

Head For The Beach

My wife and I just returned from a wonderful week at the beach in Ocracoke NC.

Since it was off season we had the entire beach to ourselves and it was great.

I noticed that each wave brought new items to the shore, some shells, some bits of metal or wood, but new each time.

This area was the home of Blackbeard The Pirate back in the early 1700's. Can you imagine the treasures that might be here?

What a great place to do some serious metal detecting.

Here Are 5 Important Things To Know - When Using A Metal Detector

Use Of Metal Detectors

  1. Always buy the best metal detector you can afford. Low quality detectors will get you low quality finds.
  2. Never ever go on someone's property without permission, that's called trespassing.
  3. Even public parks and beaches aren't up for grabs, ask permission to go on these also.
  4. If you dig something up, replace the soil and leave the area as you found it. Remember the old saying "only leave footprints behind".
  5. Do some research on the local area before you head out. Have a good idea of the exact spot you will start your search. This will save you hours of frustration and make your search more enjoyable.

Garrett Detectors Are For Sale On Amazon - Check Out The Savings

Garrett Metal Detectors are another great metal detector that could fit into your budget and family uses.

Since this brand is one of my top selectors, I whole heartedly endorse this product. Keep in mind that some research on your part will go a long way toward your personal satisfaction in metal detecting.

I have noticed that some of the metal detectors have better electronics than other brands. By this I mean that the digital display is easier to read, is easy to see in bright light and doesn't fade over time. There is also the audio signal that sounds when you have located something. Many of the other brands have a very weak signal or a signal that doesn't sound at all. When you are looking for your detector keep in mind how reliable the electronics are on that particular unit.

I feel that the Garrett Detector line gets high marks on all the electronics. That is why I recomment this brand as one of the top on my list.

Save Money On Bounty Hunter Detectors

Never pass up the opportunity to get a good deal on something you really want. Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors are one of the top detectors, get great deals at Amazon.

The Bounty Hunter brand has been around for a long time, take advantage of the best prices you can get on the web,

Did You Know

That There Are Even Great Metal Detectors For Kids

Why not share the fun of metal detecting with your whole family.

Give the kids a new hobby that could actually be of value to them. Instead of watching TV, they could be outside with you, finding all sorts of treasures.

What's better than sharing your time and fun with your kids.

Get Your Kids Involved - Fresh Air, Outside, Active, What Could Be Better?

Metal Detectors For Kids

OK-Get Metal Detector, Get Permission, Get Some Knowledge of the Area. Now I'm Ready For Some Fun

Are You A Metal Detecting Enthusiast? - Share Your Success And Best Stories With The Rest Of Us

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      Ruby 22 months ago from United States

      bounty hunter is what I got & i like it!!