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Dishonored Knife of Dunwall Eliminate Overseer Hume

Updated on April 28, 2013

In Dishonored Knife of Dunwall, the hero Daud speaks to Thalia and returns to his base. His next mission is to track down the witch Dhalia. However, Daud receives bad news when he returns to his base. His base has been overtaken by overseers and his fellow assassins have been captured. He must take back his base by taking down the overseers and by eliminating Overseer Hume. And finally, be ready for the final boss of the knife of dunwall dlc.

Dishonored Climb Up the Chain and Reach Daud’s Base

The first step in reaching Daud’s base is to climb the chain. As Daud climbs the chain, he will get to the next few levels in the base. The next few levels in the base will be infested with overseers. So go into stealth mode and then blink behind them and take them out. Follow the marker sign and get to the first captured assassin. He will be in a room lit with bright lights (remember this room). Use sleep darts to take out the overseer with the musical instrument, and then blink behind the other overseer and take him out. Rescue the captured assassin, and then climb out of the window into the courtyard.

From the courtyard, blink upstairs to the window and into Daud’s inner base. This area will be crawling with overseers. Go into crouch mode and take out the overseers at the peripheral of the base. Then observe slowly as some overseers will be patrolling the corridor. Use sleep darts on the overseer holding the musical instrument and then take out the other overseer. Now, lay electric arc traps around the corridor. Go open the door to Daud’s inner chambers and attract the attention of the overseers in the inner chamber. They will come out.

Dishonored Eliminate Overseer Hume

Dishonored Eliminate Overseer Hume with arc electric trap
Dishonored Eliminate Overseer Hume with arc electric trap

Dishonored Eliminate Overseer Hume

When the overseers come out, they will step on the arc electric traps and be vaporized to ashes. This may or may not include the overseer Hume. If Hume is not vaporized, then blink in and eliminate him the old fashion way. Once Hume is down, Daud will be able to collect his letter and read it. However, do not do so first. Go inside Daud’s chamber and restock on bolts and other stuff.

Now go outside and finish rescuing the other captured assassins. There will be an area to the left of the giant statue of the Empress where there will be lots and lots of overseers. Use Daud’s upgraded powers and arsenal of weapons to defeat them. Rescue the final captured assassins, and then go back into Daud’s chamber to read Hume’s letter.

The letter will tell Daud that there will be a massive overseer attack on Daud’s base. However, now that Daud knows the plot and has freed the assassins, he can command his assassins to capture the overseers or put them down.

Make the choice and then assemble the assassins outside Daud’s base. This will be the final battle for Daud as Dhalia makes her appearance and “explains” everything. Then it’s time to eliminate the traitor in Daud’s ranks.


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